I have made this thread and video for several reasons.

1.) iPranks has seemingly gained recent support for no apparent reason. We haven't worked on the project in about a month since we have had finals etc.

2.) We want to give s little more than a screenshot. This video is FAR from perfect, as it was my first, but I was really just trying to show you guys what this is capable of doing... and trying to get some people to post ideas for what should be included next.

I have made a temporary page for the project here and I hope you guys will post or email me feedback. I understand how buggy the application is and we have that as our priority before we go adding a bunch more crap, but we would like to know what else to add because features are limited right now.

btw: I think I sound Irish in the video... I'm not, I just kinda have my own accent lol. I really have a kinda southern accent

Lets hear some good feedback