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Thread: New Windows Based File Transfer Program (iPhoneBrowser)!

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    Hi, I have firmware 1.1.2 but it's directing to var/root/ instead of var/mobile. Is there anyway I can manually change it? Awesome program btw. Got sick of SSH not working and this is GOLD!

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    Try the beta release of iPhoneBrowser v1.60 that is in another thread here.

    BTW, for the not jailbroken message, you probably need to install the afc2 service. Search for posts here on how to install afc2 for your firmware version.
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    im a NEWB here read all 10 pages and cant seem to find the awnswer i have a 1.14 unlocked/jailbroken iphone and i was able to install iphonebrowswer and run it and detected my iphone i have tried to trasfer the aac files into ringtones but they do not show up on my phone...any ideas? thanks

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    I think on 1.1.4 you should use the custom
    ringtone channel built in to iTunes - rename the file with an m4r extension and open it to have iTunes sync it as a ringtone.
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    I've been using it for several days now. Very nice!

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    i am trying to learn how to mod my iphone on my own. can anyone help me get started. i had someone do it for me in the past with winscp. is this a better version of that?

    and it says my iphone is not jailbroken but it is bcuz i have all 3rd party apps on it..can anyone tell me what is going on or what i would need to do?

    sorry i didnt read...disregard my last message
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    I use the latest iPhoneBrowser on my phone/PC and all OK. We have more than 1 iPhone in the house and when hooking up a second phone, no reaction at all with the program, it simple doesn't react at all. As if no phone connected at all. Connect the first phone which I started it with and A-OK. Any ideas on this one?

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    hey everybody,
    i've got a problem using the iPhone Browser with a successfully jailbroken iPod Touch 1.1.4. when i open it, it shows some folders like "[root]", "Caissa" (a chess game), "DropCopy" and about 15 others. these are applications installed with the installer from the jailbreak, but by far not all applications. folders like "Library" aren't there, none of the "Goto Location"-links works, i get an error message that the path couldn't be found and if i have successfully used jailbreak.
    anybody who can help?
    thanks and greets

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    What did you use to jailbreak?

    You most likely need the afc2 service installed. Install the source and install the ZiPhone iBrickr Fix from the Unlock Utilities category.
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    If you use ZiPhone to unclock you have to install the

    ZiPhone iBrickr fix

    From the source

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    thx to netmage and mgnate, iphone browser is showing everything correctly now after installing the iBrickr fix.
    (yes, i used ziphone^^)

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    Hi to all.
    Sorry I tried to install the iphonebrowser. I also tried without installation. But it does not run. I use vista. Each time i doubleklick the exe file the message comes up that iphonebrowser ist stopping...

    Can anybody help me?

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    hey great work but i cant access the aplication folder nor anything under the goto location. my iphone is 1.1.3 and it is jailbreaked. any idea.... would be greatfull

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    Install the afc2 service - see post #149 in this thread
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    i see many confused people here, how about some simply tutorial to make this program work for us all? appreciated.

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    Go for it...
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    hey it wont work on my computer? Or maybe I am not doing something right. Can someone plz help!!!

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    Default How about for OSX
    These would be great if it was for MAC.

    What programs are available for mac?

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    iFuntastic is similar...
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    Default iFuntastic.... NOT
    Quote Originally Posted by NetMage View Post
    iFuntastic is similar...
    Yea, but who wants to pay that OUTRAGOUSE price to use it.......

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