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Thread: New Windows Based File Transfer Program (iPhoneBrowser)!

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    Thumbs up Thanks !!!
    Thank you so Much for this! this makes things so much easier!!!

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    keeps telling me to connect the iphone via USB n if it alreayd is reconnect. i am no files r showing up n same message on the buttom .

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    Quote Originally Posted by plmars View Post
    For all those who couldnt get it to work:

    iTunesMobileDevice.dll has to be in the directory.
    sorry...i can't seem to get it to work...i have itunesmobiledevice.dll in the install folder, and in this folder can I get it to work?

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    how are you suppose to drag and drop..i dont see my windows folder.thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by therock View Post
    how are you suppose to drag and drop..i dont see my windows folder.thanks
    Drag from a windows folder to the program.

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    I like how you used clickonce or oneclick as your auto updater. I have used this many times and it works amazing. It does however have problems with people in an Active Directory. Like me as of now

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    <nevermind> :-)
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    Great program I was able to delete the camera click noise w/o problems. I want to put some themes in there. Where are the themes? and how would I do it?

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    Downloaded and unzipped!!
    I have the tinker bell theme i want to use. I drag the file onto the Summerboard theme folder? I was able to select it in summberboard but it doesn't show the theme. Help please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoringStudios View Post
    This is SICK. But.. um. I think I missed how to install. Cant get it? Error error breaker 1-2 =)~

    i tried iphonebrowser on 2 computers, one with vista and other winXP sp2 and in both cases the program crashes.
    can anyone actually get this app to work?

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    I cant seem to find it to try, but.. you should consider this.



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    Default iphonebrowser and windows vista!
    I'm posting this because I know some people may have had some problems conecting their iPhones with iphonebrowser and it did happen to me.

    What I did is that I install everything first and never plug my iPhone or open iTunes with my iPhone connect it, so iphonebrowser would never detect my iphone was connected. So what I did was open iTunes with my iPhone connected, then after everything was setup in iTunes I opened iphonebrowser and everything work fine

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    I did the thing (assuming this meant my phone was jailbroken) but, I only see the "sandbox". Am I missing something?

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    Yes, see the afc2 sticky in the FileMod forum - basically you are not out of the sandbox for desktop file system access yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trent J. View Post
    I cant seem to find it to try, but.. you should consider this.



    The more supporters, the more he will want to get the program done

    How do you think this will improve over
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    Is iphone Browser fully Compatible with 1.1.1?

    Or do you need to do that service.plist hack to get full system access. - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    The only thing fully compatible with 1.1.1 while jailbreaking from AppSnapp is SSH. BUT if you used any other version to jailbreak then the file system should have been exposed. If you indeed used AppSnapp, then realize you need to SSH into the phone and drop the new Services.plist to enable read/write access, and ultimately enable file browsing with programs such as this one, and iBrickr.


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    Unfortunately, not just AppSnapp, but most 1.1.1 jailbreaks I've seen do not install afc2.

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    i just downloaded the iphonebrowser(install) and ran the setup and said that it was unable to load i copy and pasted that file into the iphonebrowser directory and put all of the other files in the directory also...i then changed the name of iphonebrowse.exe.deploy to just iphonebrowser.exe and when i double clicked that it gave me an error saying "could not load file or assembly 'Manzana Version= blah blah" i just hit continue and iphonebrowser poped up and told me to plug in my iphone but nothing running 1.1.1

    EDIT: nevermind i just downloaded the exe's and it worked fine
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    iPhoneBrowser attempts to use the iTunesMobileDevice.dll from the standard Apple location.

    Are you on a non-English version of Windows? Can you tell me where your copy of iTunesMobileDevice.dll was originally located? (Should be something like: CProgram Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin)

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    can some one help me i juz restore my phone i was already one 1.1.1 using iphone, i still can open iphone browser but i cant see "detail" on the bottom screen no more..when i click on those .png usualy i could see detail on the bottom but now not anymore ..what shoul i do

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