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Thread: New Windows Based File Transfer Program (iPhoneBrowser)!

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    Never mind, thanks. I found it through Google and works well. I'm just puzzled that it's not on this site.

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    I try to have only downloads from the Google Code site so I can track downloads and usage.

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    Tried 1.91 on vista and it crashes on start up =(

    Great program btw, just hoping there's an update...

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    I just installed a fresh copy of 1.9.1 from the link above.

    I uninstalled the older version i had before the install of the new one.

    I still cant get the browser to recognize the iphone or the ipod touch (i have both).

    What can i be doing wrong? Could it be the new iTunes? It worked fine before i went to 8.2...

    None of my older stuff connects either like ibricker etc...

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    @johnny69blaze - what happens exactly?

    @Nerologic - v1.9.1 works with iTunes 8.2 - What do you mean by can't recognize?
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    It wouldn't show that the phone was connected. I noticed and searched and found that i wasn't the only one having this issue. iBricker iPhoneBrowser and some other apps woudnt see that the phone was connected.

    I am running XP SP3 if that has anything to do with it. The only thing that i have gotten to work thus far is diskaid...

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    Default File missing?
    Tried using software, says files are missing or something.
    Don't understand why. I'm new to this whole thing...
    Any help?

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    ^ Huh, well delete that copy and try downloading it again, might help.

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    @Hosty - do you have iTunes 8.2 installed? What error message exactly?
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    hi NetMage,
    i too have iphonebrowser 1.9.1 installed and it crashes on startup with my iphone connected.
    the error message is: system.entrypointnotfound
    im on windows xp pro sp3 with itunes and have a 2g iphone running firmware 2.2
    i had upgraded from the previous version and even the previous version was working fine until i upgraded my itunes from 8.1 to 8.2
    i hope u can fix this.
    thanx, in advance.

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    has anyone got a soln to this prob?
    im now on firmware 3.0 on a 2g/8gb.
    iphonebrowser 1.9.1 with itunes 8.2.1 installed
    i even copied the original version and 7.5 version of iTunesMobileDevice.dll into the installation folder of iphonebrowser but nothing works.'
    plz help.

    the following is the exact error that occurs upon crash of iphonebrowser:

    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : iphonebrowser.exe P2 :
    P3 : 4a39d606 P4 : P5 : P6 : 4889dee7
    P7 : 1521 P8 : 12f P9 : system.entrypointnotfound

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    does anyone know if iphone browser is working with firmware 3.0? or 3.1?

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    Yes with 3.0 but not with iTunes 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fudsey View Post
    Yes with 3.0 but not with iTunes 9
    so thats why it keeps crashing?

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    Please try Beta v1.93 with iTunes 9
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    iPhoneBrowser 1.93 is working for me so far! ! ! Thanks NetMage! ! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by NetMage View Post
    Please try Beta v1.93 with iTunes 9
    just tried BVeta 1.93 and it not workig on Windows 7 and Itunes 9.XX

    Works great on my XP machine

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    I doubt that it will function with Win7 as Win7 is new and iPhone Browser is still in beta...

    also weren't some people even having problems with iPhone Browser on Vista

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    Works just fine in win7, at least 32 bit, no personal trial on a 64 machine yet.

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    The program starts fine on mine, but it says to plug in my iphone, so I plug it in, but the program can't detect that it's plugged in. Anyone know a solution for this? It's detected by itunes, and I've even tried different cables but nothing seems to get it to detect.
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