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Thread: - One button springboard voicedialing

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    Default - One button springboard voicedialing
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    First post in this section so forgive me if I don't get it right, but I had a real need for a one-touch button on the springboard to access the ATT voice-dial system so I could use my iPhone hands free with bluetooth in the car or even just walking around with my iPhone bluetooth earphone.

    (to hear a free demo of the ATT service just dial *08 on your iPhone...If you like it you can activate right after the demo)

    A real distraction to have to hit the phone button, bring up the dialer and then the *08 and call button.

    This is really just an adaptation of one button calling, but if you pay the $4.00 per month to ATT for the service you have the voice calling feature that Apple should have built in to the phone in the first place. If and when Apple adds the service then just delete the extra charge on your account.

    I modified the icon (don't know the source) to be distinctive.
    Just move the whole folder to your applications folder. I am on a PC so used WinScp to move folder, then made sure the permissions on the Embark file allow for full rwxr-xr-x permissions or it WILL DO NOTHING! (with WinScp do this by hitting f9) Other programs you are on your own. Just find permissions..

    Put in a prominent place on your springboard and with just a touch you will be able to place voice calls to pre-registered callees by saying "Call Bill at Home"/Wireless/Office etc.. Also can dial straight numbers or google411 which works great.

    I also made custom buttons for my Wife, Work, Relatives ...just edit the info.plist file and make sure you change the name of the folder and the number and tag in the text file with the name or it will be blank on the screen. Insert your own icon.png in each folder...(Wife's/Mistriss' picture etc.)

    Enjoy....I use it everyday. Those using Mac installers will need to know how to edit the permissions.
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    excellent! I'm installing now...thanks!

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    Too cool my friend! So we need that extra service right? the *08 service or whatever?

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    Yeah, its cool if you pay extra for that.

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    Yep...should be free, but till it is this does what I need...

    Yes you need the service...Try the demo by dialing *08 if you are on ATT and you can activate from there if you like it.
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    ...for clarification; if you are going to run multiple copies of this app, they each should have their own ID in Info.plist. I'm pretty sure SpringBoard will get a little freaked out if you have 4 apps and they are all:

    I use 4 one-button "dialers" myself and each one has a unique ID and they work perfectly (plus it doesn't cost me $4.00/month, hey I'm cheap! )

    Looks like a GREAT app for those with voice dialing - thanks!

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    Is there any way to make this dial a number other than *08? I would love to create Treo-style photo dialing on the home screen. Press a picture of a person, and have it dial them right away..

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    yeah, i really love to see a voice dialing app which can activate the call at your voice command.

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    That is what I have done with 4 other icons on my desktop (One for wife with picture, son, grandaughter, mistress etc) Then I used iconified pictures of them.

    As you read above, you MUST change not only the folder name for each you create, but also in the .plist file you must change both telephone number and the com.VDIAL.embark to some other name in EACH com.wife.embark, com.mistress.embark etc...etc

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