Guess Them All!

Category: Game
Base price: Free

Hypercube released its new game “Guess Them All“ for Android, iOS and WP8.
The idea behind the game is simple – you have a bunch of images on one part of the screen and their silhouettes on the other and your job is to guess which silhouette belongs to which image. Add a bunch of achievements to the mix and many different collections of images to unlock and choose from and you get “Guess Them All“, a game suitable for everyone and anyone.

Channel your inner hawk, keep your eyes wide open and start guessing! Simple doesn’t mean easy. Win trophies to unlock more shapes and increase your score multiplier. Choose between Classic, Survival, Nightmare, Dizzy and Frenzy mode and find the one that suits your style. Tired of guessing alone? Hit a friend up and try the multiplayer mode.
Can you really guess them all?


Addictive, yet simple gameplay
5 playable mods with more to come
A single device multiplayer mode
Beautiful graphics and matching sound quality
Over 100 achievements and 16 collections of shapes to choose from

Download links:
iOS -
Android -
Windows Phone -

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