A cool new app Good.Co: Find your culture fit
★★★ Introducing Good.Co: Find your culture fit ★★★

Take fun, psychological quizzes with your friends to:
- Discover your hidden personality strengths.
- Unlock the meaning of your relationships with friends & coworkers.
- Find companies and jobs that match your personality.
- Thrive in your career with science-based insights.
See what the press has been saying about Good.Co:
- Mashable: Good.Co lets you see how well your personality matches up with specific companies and employees
- NYTimes: “ Good.Co is organized around helping both job seekers and employers find the right cultural fit ”
- FastCompany: Want a work environment that makes you happy? Find your culture fit with any company!
- USNews: Don't let the fun behind the questions let you think there isn't any science behind it. The site uses a proprietary psychometric algorithm to assess your potential as an employee.
- TIME: The eHarmony of Jobs
- PandoDaily: The job-hunting lovechild of eHarmony and LinkedIn
- FastCompany: How To Create Meaningful Work Relationships
- Webby’s: Go from “take this job and shove it” to “take this job and love it."
What’s new in the Good.Co mobile app?
- AN INNOVATIVE NEW SOCIAL EXPERIENCE: Share the journey with friends! Our enhanced social experience allows you to interact and grow with your friends like never before.
- AN ENHANCED SELF-DISCOVERY PROCESS: Like an onion, you’re complex and comprised of many layers. Our new, in-depth self discovery process helps you get to the core of who you really are.
- DEEPER INSIGHTS ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Gain awesome insight into the inner workings of your friends, family members and colleagues’ personalities and discover your compatibility.
- FIND YOUR CULTURE FIT WITH 10x MORE COMPANIES: With 10x more companies for you to find your culture fit with, it’s even easier to find a job that fits your unique personality type like a glove.
If you like Myers Briggs personality test, you'll love Good.Co. Our fun assessment is a more evolved and scientifically valid, contemporary version of traditional personality tests featuring modernized, shareable archetypes, unlike traditional personality types such as INFJ, INFJ, INTJ, ENFP or ENTP. Hundreds of thousands of users have used Good.Co to assess their personality, identify their ideal career path and find a workplace perfectly matching their personality and skills.
Why use Good.Co?
Start by connecting with your Facebook or Google+ account
Assess your personality and identify your strengths with our fun psychological quizzes.
Import your network and work history from LinkedIn
Explore your network and find personality fit with people and companies.
Start advancing your career
Find your perfect fit with people, companies, and jobs
It's 100% free!
Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/good...ty/id892559034
Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....android&hl=en

Requires: Android and iOS
I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.