A cool new app MapItOut
★★★ Introducing MapItOut ★★★

Turn your iPhone into a full Navigation system.

Using Online tools to enhance real offline experiences. Explore the World travel in a smart way. Search any city on earth plot out on map all the places you wish to visit, quickly search for points of interests save the spots and used the saved map to get direction to each spot. Email share on Facebook, Tweet or mapchat while you plan over wifi and bluetooth.

Great map app provides all the features you need and don't get from other maps. Perfect navigation leverages other established apps for directions and nav turn by turn.

Map Out your day plot out all the places you need to visit save the map and have directions to each spot. Map out your vacation create a map for the trip or a map for each day save each of the destinations you will visit on your vacation.

Current Points of Interests you can push button search for:
Golf (courses anything related to Golf)
Beaches (or anything beach related)
Coffee (find a Starbucks or your favorite coffee in the area for your morning coffee runs)
Theaters – find shows for your trip or if you just want a night out search for theaters in the city you want to spend the night

Find your Car Feature
Get to your location park your car on the MapItOut screen select Parked. Your parking spot location is saved under the Auto Parking Save in the Saved Map Tab.

Search/Start screen
Search for addresses, city or location you wish to visit, the next button will let you enter another address (search for multiple locations in 1 session) then select the map tab to continue to the Map tab

MapItOut tab
Mark the spots in the city/location you wish to visit all spots (use the push button searches to locate restaurants, bars, Hotels, Casinos, Museums Theaters, Coffee spots (like Starbucks) or other POIs).

Research each location save the search results to the map for that trip or day right from the details options of the search results.
Find flights Rooms, Swell Report in that area from the Saved Menu options.

MapChat browse for people over wifi or Bluetooth if you want to share you locations instantly on their map.

Use the Points of interests searches and find different restaurants, bars etc… and you can save each individual spot to a saved map right from the details portion of the map pin.

Once the map is saved directions to each of the saved locations will be generated from your current location when you need them.

Each set of directions in your saved map will automatically open the route in Apple Maps or Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad. You can generate walking directions or driving directions with a simple switch option.

It will also summarize the total travel time along with providing a screen shot of the map (as it appears before you selected the email option) in the email.

Save Your Map Plans/Itineraries. New Itinerary menu that allows you to view your itinerary, reset or save to your phone.

New Saved view that allows you to retrieve your saved maps and itinerary and use it to get the directions by selecting the links, or you can share them to facebook/twitter or email them.

Spending the day in NYC
•Enter NYC in search screen
•Select Search
•MapItOut tab appears and NYC Marked (Long press in the spot you want to visit)
•Start to search for things to do POI (Point of interests search) search
•Mark a spot and Save the Map (name the map example NYC)
•Name the spots you marked (long press pins)
•Add other spots like restaurants from POI search to the already saved map
•Click on the details of the spot select the Map you want to add the spot to
•The name shall be filled in use the suggested name for the location or give it any name you want
Ready to travel to NYC
•Go to Saved Map Tab
•Load the NYC Tab
•Pick either Apple or Google Maps (switch option on the map)
•Scroll through the itinerary on the bottom view and click the directions link to the spot you need to visit.
Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mapi...4774?ls=1&mt=8

Requirements: iOS 7.1 or Later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.