We have introduced a cool new game Smart Q45
It is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Its Free!

A trivia quiz game with a unique twist!

It beg’s the ‘question’ – Is Smart Q45 the next addictive mobile game?

Smart Q45 is an innovative questions and answer puzzle game with a difference.

Do you enjoy playing puzzle and trivia games that help increase your knowledge? Would you like to play a game that combines them both? Then why not download Smart Q45!

In Smart Q45, players must guess what the hidden image at the bottom is by answering as many questions on the top before the time runs out. Get a question right and one of the bottom tiles will be cleared, revealing a part of the hidden image but get it wrong and you will lose a life. The game is over when you either lose all of your lives or run out of time.

Stuck? Then why not use your gems to give yourself an advantage and either get a hint for the hidden image, clear a random tile at the bottom or eliminate one answer. You can buy more gems in the game shop via in-app purchase

Challenge your friends in an unlimited amount of questions (with more being added every day)

“A fun, fast paced and lean in approach to learning”. Smart Q45 will keep you engaged and improve your knowledge!!

Take the challenge! Have you got what it takes to get on top of the Smart Q45 leaderboard?

-Global Leaderboards for the top 100 players
-Over 165 levels (with more levels coming soon)
-Unique gameplay
-In App Purchases
-Social Sharing

-Category/Topic Challenge (with over 50 categories)
-Opportunity for you, the players to submit their own questions
Link to itunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/smar...665678237?mt=8

Requires: iOS 6.0 or later.
I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.