Merry Christmas Everyone!!
I am Ricky. We are indie developers. Below is the game we have released two weeks ago

Heroes of Frontier (RPG)
Just like the classic RPG, you can train and upgrade the gear for your heroes, evolve your heroes to upper class.
Heroes have different skill and ability. How you form your team with different heroes and the strategy you use the hero's skill and ability, is the key to win the challenge the quest. Please feel free to comment and discuss

Hope you like the game.

[Content Updated 24/12/2013]
New Challenges (Time Limited) & VIP Pass

[Updated Version 1.0.1 on 18/12/2013]

You may download the game here:

The Return of Classic RPG on iPhone

Evolve your hero into different classes, Wizard, Ninja, Dark Knight, Paladin ….and many more. Each class has its own abilities; Assemble your team and fight back against the dark lord and other players around the world.

A simple battle system designed for mobile device, but no less exciting. Different skill and ability combos make highly dynamic battles.

Explore the world filled with adventure and fantasy. The history of between Human and Dark Lord - Melker, friction between human countries…

- a large number of heroes to acquire, all with different skills and abilities!
- train your heroes and evolve them into different classes for advanced skills!
- start your adventure and choose your own path to become the champion of kingdoms.

- Consistent Internet connection is required to play this game.
- Game Center is required to play the game. Your account is backed up with iCloud and shared on all of your devices.

Youtube Video from TouchGameplay

You may download the game here: