Hi guys!
We've created an iPhone app for the curious. Quindo is an on-the-go community for the curious. Quindo is an on-the-go community for the curious. It lets users ask and answer questions as well as explore new knowledge in short form.

With Quindo, you are part of a global community where you contribute answers, challenge others and commit yourself to understanding the world around you.

The app was exclusively built for mobile and was built with this in mind. We wanted to simplify the quest for knowledge and make information more accessible on-the-go. It was important for us to not overwhelm the users and therefore, our community is highly focused on short form, yet descriptive content.

You're probably wondering how this compares to other services out there..
Well, it's a valid thought. The thing that sets Quindo apart from many of our competitors is that it was exclusively built for mobile: with that comes along a very simple, yet powerful user interface. We show you only what we feel is important to you. Additionally, in comparison to our competitors, we focus on short form content - because we are built for mobile after all and we only want the most pertinent information displayed to our users.

You can watch a video about us here:
Our website can be found here: Embrace your curiosity - Quindo
The app can be downloaded here: Connecting to the iTunes Store.

I'd be glad to answer any questions you have