Hello fellow forumers!
We were able to locate the right position of the secret school of witchcraft and wizardry and have set our tractor beams at its location. The portal to the League of Mages has just been opened worldwide!
Arm yourself with spells and advance from your apprenticeship
to become the winner of the League of Mages tournament!

League of Mages features unique controls, native to iOS system.
Use gestures to launch spells at your opponent and beat off his attacks!

Discover new reagents and use them to learn new destructive spells!

Turn your opponent into a block of ice or roast him with a burning ball,
but donít forget to dodge his counterattack!

MAGIC: A fight club for magicians and wizards is waiting for you!
COMPETITION: Regular tournaments with valuable prizes
MAGIC POTIONS AND OBJECTS: A surprised enemy is a pushover
BIG GUNS: Magic staves and wands will help you fight
CUSTOMIZATION: magic gems will fortify your defense and enhance your attack
TROPHIES: The more treasures you get, the stronger you are
ATTIRES TO CHANGE: More than twenty cool outfits for any occasion
COMMUNICATION: In-game chat allowing to challenge your opponents

Fight online against other players in magic duels and become the best wizard in the League of Mages! Master wizarding skills and develop powerful spells. Take part in the tournaments, win valuable prizes and charge to the top of world ranking!

The game is available through the following link: