Hey! InstaDo is here to get you out of the Friend Zone!
InstaDo is a free app letting you flirt and match with your Facebook friends through a new and fun way. Play with your Facebook friends, invite them! Don't worry, they will know your choice only if they're interested too!

Here’s how it works:

1. Create your account by logging in with Facebook.
2. Browse your Facebook friends and click on the ones you fancy.
3. Invite them to coffee/dinner/movie or directly to Do It!
4. A notification is sent, but they will never ever see your choice.
5. If they're interested too they will answer.
6. The match is done on the softest pick between the two.
7. Chat opens up so you can plan your date.
8. Go on a Date!
9. You're out of the Friend Zone

Download it now and you never have to think how can you show your interest in one person. Now you can break the ice with this fun, simple and beautiful app!

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