iTunes: App Store - Backup Assistant

【Product Description】
Backup Assistant is an useful backup tool, it helps you backup important data in your daily uses. It can be updated to provide backup when upgrading iOS. It also helps you revert to previous state quickly when using the new iOS.

1.Backup to local: Backup address book, photos and videos to local, and support for exporting to the desktop through iTunes.

2.Backup to network: It can backup your address book to network server, so you can always backup and restore your address book at anytime you want.

3.To restore: Select the restore point you need to restore, restore address book, photos and videos to your mobile phone. When you restore your address book, you can choose either cover or merge the existing address book.

4.Manage restore point: It helps you to remove some outdated restore point, to save your iPhone memory usage.
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