Biggest sale ever!

Most of popular games from AppMania became completely FREE to celebrate the release of new Demolition Master 3D for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Be quick to catch this stuff it will be available for free only for a limited time!

Demolition Master, FREE, Teaser

Demolition Master Lite, FREE, Teaser

Demolition Master HD, FREE, Teaser

Farm it!, FREE, Teaser

Farm it! HD, FREE
, Teaser

FlyAttack, FREE

Shark Tale, FREE

Cats, Inc for Mac, FREE- Teaser

Cats, Inc. HD, FREE, Teaser

BattleSheep!, FREE, Teaser

BattleSheep! HD, FREE, Teaser

Logic Balance, FREE

Dos Paratrooper, FREE

Lie To Me, FREE

Neon Lines, FREE

Crazy Fill, FREE

Demolition Master for Mac, FREE