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Thread: Swap Photo Library for iOS5

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    Default Swap Photo Library for iOS5
    (tested on iPhone 4 beta 4)

    Originally created/modified by yomommanow based on this thread here

    I have decide to modify and resurrect this app back from the dead for my personal use, and decided to share with you all. This is my ideal solution of having two photo libraries (and you already know why there are two libraries synced to my device, therefore leaving the ability to use the bulti-in native apps of iOS.

    I have used and paid for many apps from the AppStore such as Video Safe, Picture Safe, Private Albums, Stash Pro(my fav), etc..... But they all lacked a couple things...

    - The ability to be seen in other applications, ex. iMovie (without having to save photos to camera roll first)
    - The ability to send photos as MMS (again, without having to save photos to camera roll first)
    - A much better way to keep iPhoto and my iDevices in sync

    *Most importantly, I have lost many photos, many times due to corrupted iOS restore images that failed to complete a restore on my iDevices. Now it all remains in sync with iPhoto.

    - Extract and Copy onto your iDevice via your preferred SSH client, remember to 0755 permission to make executable.
    - Respring
    - Launch, you should still see your current photo library.
    - Close by clicking home button, then double click home button and remove from recents list, this ensures the app is closed. (The only way I was able to make this work on my device)
    - Launch, it should immediately close, then launch You should now see nothing but your Camera Roll. Now you may sync your device to your second library through iTunes. IMPORTANT... iTunes will state that device is currently synced with an existing iTunes library or such and will ask to replace photos, click replace, it does not remove your existing library. It may in fact ask this every time you swap libraries and sync. Just select the folders you want to sync, and let her go, it does not re-sync all the existing photos all over again, just places the new ones in the respected album\event. You will have to select the folders each time or select ALL Albums and Events, but it only takes a couple seconds after an complete first Sync.
    - Now launch after sync completes and you should now see your newly synced library.
    - To view your original library, close, double click home button, remove from recents, Launch, open Photos and theres your original library. You may continue this cycle to swap through both libraries.
    - For added security, password lock the with Lockdown Pro (if iOS5 compatible) or hide the app if possible on iOS5.
    - IMPORTANT.... When wanting to view photos into other applications between the two libraries, you must remove that app out of recents, swap the library, and open the app up again to view the correct library. Ex. My Photos (app avail on AppStore). Close app, remove from recents, swap to desired library, then launch My Photos again and it will then show the correct library you wanted to view, just an example.

    **If you are interested in learning how I have my device setup to automatically sync my new photos to iPhoto wirelessly over the air, even while away from home, I may put up an tutorial on that.

    Here’s my setup... Works wonders if an Cydia tweak happens to send me to a boot loop.
    - Take or Receive pic on my iDevice
    - Load it into respected folder on Dropbox
    - Automator script monitors respected folder, performs action of seeing new file received in folder, automatically launch iPhoto, import photo into Library or Album, closes iPhoto after successful import. ALL DONE AUTOMATICALLY.
    - Go home, launch iPhoto, make any adjustments to photo or move to specific album
    Sync to iDevice
    - I love my iDevice and Mac
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