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Thread: Safari Adblock

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    Default Safari Adblock
    AdBlock is an extension to iPhone and iPod touch's Safari web browser that filters out advertisements when you are surfing the Web.


    * Easy installation.
    * Subscription based
    * Tested on firmware 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 on both iPod Touch and iPhone.

    Installer Source: make sure i is not capital

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    Wrong section. But Nice, dude. I've never gotten an ad pop up on my iPhone's safari browser though. Mind explaining how it blocks?

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    I installed it this morning, but it prevents my browser from browsing, the locked up my iPhone solid until I did a cold reset, so I uninstalled it until I find out what the problem is. I even tried changing permissions, but the changes wouldn't stick with AdBlock.
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    This is a really cool idea but I've only had like one ad open in a new window anyway and it's not like you're going to get any pop-up viruses on there so this isn't really necessary. Cool idea though.

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    we have to pay to get rid of ads? Every desktop version of this type of software is freely distributed, no?
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    excellent! this will be especially great when flash is introduced...
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    Ill just wait for the cracked version

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    Quote Originally Posted by prodigy View Post
    This is a really cool idea but I've only had like one ad open in a new window anyway and it's not like you're going to get any pop-up viruses on there so this isn't really necessary. Cool idea though.
    This removes ads whether or not they are pop-up ads. The benefit is that pages with ads on them will load faster since the they will not be downloaded. It's more needed on the iPhone than anywhere else especially when using edge since bandwidth is so limited.

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    Its possible its subscription cause it goes threw a proxy on their side that removes the ads, (I hope it DOESN'T work this way)... I would much rather it just sites that are ad sites, but no one had been able to achieve this before?

    If anyone knows how it works, (high level), or has it installed and does a packet sniff to see where sites are going, I would be very interested in knowing that answer.

    Also, I have heard that this is possible to do by writing a script and turning on Safari Debug Console. I know the debug console is in Settings\Safari, but does anyone know where these scripts go and what they consist of?
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    Maybe, this is the key to it VPN+Privoxy = AdBlock for iPhone
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    Does anyone know if this app will be updated to the 2.0 firmware? Is there any news from the developer?

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    I'm using 2.2.1 and AdBlock doesn't seem to work with it.
    It worked fine with 2.2, but after I upgraded my iPod Touch, AdBlock hasn't been working. It does not block any ads and the counter stays zero. I even purchased this when I was using 2.2 so I would like it to be updated to work with 2.2.1 aswell.
    I have tried to reinstall it and everything but nothing seems to work.

    Is it working with anyone using 2.2.1?

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    Good but i dont think its worth the money
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    Not worth the money. It's not working for me with 2.2.1 firmware. I have sent a couple of messages to the developer asking what could be done to make it work but I haven't even got a response.
    Stay away from this until it gets fixed.

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    im using adbl0ck

    its doing the same job and its free

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    My phone has never sped up a bit using any type of blocks. It runs fastest after a nice fresh reinstall and using it properly than hacking the adblock.

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