iShear is the FIRST highly addictive sheep-shearing game on iphone!

iShear for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Our new game has been just in the App Store (0.99$), and is really a lot of fun!

Main features:
4 different games
Funny Cartoon graphics
Original soundtrack and sheep sounds
Speed, quick touch challenge
Worldwide Highscore

Here you can find a video preview:
[ame=]YouTube - iShear - new iphone game on the app store! - SHEAR 'EM ALL!![/ame]

Speed game: In Speed you must shear the sheep as fast as possible. The more you shear, the faster the next sheep goes, and the more difficult it will be for you to complete.
Herd game: In Herd your task is to shear a full herd of sheep and get time and bonus points.
Precision game: In Precision the shaved sheep remain in the field and you must not shear them any further, otherwise you lose.
Magic game: In Magic a fly and a bee, with magic powers enter the game. If you touch them the sheep will shrink or move faster. There is also a grasshopper and only he can give you some extra time to complete the shearing.
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