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Thread: Repeat Memory Free has grown up

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    Lightbulb Repeat Memory Free has grown up
    Hey there

    There is a great app out there, up to know discussed with more than 3000 posts on a rough forum (can't name it here) who need a new home, as its getting stable and grown up every day.

    Repeat Memory Free is an app that releases all your RAM using its own executable, similiar to free memory within sbsettings.And it closes mailapp, ipodapp and safari after use, something Apple didn't think of. (For Intelliscreen users - mailquitter will not be of use as IS uses the mailapp as vehicule to do its stuff.)

    The author saltinbas even has made a version using cycript that makes use of sbsettings for standard stuff unnecessary.

    This is a great app for 2G and 3G and even for 3G

    There is two versions out right now

    Original RMF 3.5.6 beta using cycript - with loads of options

    Ok, enough talk here the downloads and the facts:

    RMF - Version 3.5.6
    - air., blue., edge, wifi, loc. toggle and mem info
    RMF(aka cypringboard) will try to be an alternative for SBSettings in the near future.

    Please donate Wikipedia and support sharing knowledge.

    Google code project page : iffplay - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Version 3.5.6 - Automatic mail, safari and ipod quitting and executing fmem app which will free memory when you close the apps. It has also airplane, bluetooth and wifi on/off, respring and reboot functions on popup menu by tapping batteryview area. It also show free memory info as fake carrier name.

    DEB FILE: ( version 3.5.6 beta )



    - The icon is chosen by user "tosbsas". Respring method is implemented by "takozvani".

    - Thanks to Jay Freeman who did an increadible work with Cycript. I think Cycript will be the future programming tool for JB iphones.

    - Thanks to Lance Fetter who share backgrounder and kirikae apps which are must have apps.

    - Thanks to KennyTM for sharing quickscroll app which is also a must have app.

    - Thanks to David Ashman for sharing dim delay app which RMF is using the same executable for preference menu.



    - When you single tap battery area in the statusbar, a popup menu will appear and on the menu wifi, bluetooth, airplane, fmem, edge, location, respring and reboot buttons will show. (optional)

    - Free memory info shown on time area.

    - When you single tap time area in the statusbar, it will execute fmem manually. (optional)

    - When you quit an app, the free mem app will execute automatically.(optional)

    - When ipod is playing on background, it will not quit.

    - When synchronizing, ipod will not quit.

    - When you respring, the springboard hook will vanish which means the functions will not perform. But the daemon will hook the springboard with watchpath parameter.



    1- cycript
    2- Bourne-Again SHell (bash)
    3- coreutils-bin
    5- Preference Loader
    6- adv-cmds (not sure exactly)

    Future releases:

    - fmem algorithm shall be improved
    - 3G toogle will be added ( I am working on it )
    - syslog toggle will be added
    - mobile substrate add on toggle will be added
    - AI will be implemented to fmem

    RMF Glebo Edition

    Here it is the MobileSubstrate FMEM addon for iphone/ipod.

    Deep debt of gratitude goes to saltinbas for his work and inspiration and all the moders present in this thread.

    1. Features:

    1.1. Quitters for Mail, Safari and iPod preventing from running these apps in the background after closing them. Code is implemented in a way to avoid accidentally killing one of these apps right after opening it, especially when user switch between them quickly. The MobilePhone starting Mail in the background issue was addressed.

    1.2. Memory Freeing procedure is called 5 sec. after the device goes to sleep (auto or user triggered). Pressing home button during that period (which lights up the display) cancels that timer. Memory freeing is not performed when the device is locked with any app running on foreground (besides springboard itself of course). Running FMEM with an app opened so in unstable memory environment (the general rule) is risky and often causing a crash.

    1.3. Memory freeing can be performed manually through libactivator integration (require Activator installed). You can pick whatever gesture you like to invoke it. Gesture will be active only on the springboard (no lockscreen, no inside app). Read 1.2 to see why.

    1.4. The end of memory cleaning procedure can be signalized by sound. You can switch it off in “Settings” or change it by replacing: /Applications/ with your own not to long wav/aif/caf/mp3 file. (there are several of alternatives to choose from in this diractory).

    1.5. There is something wrong with iphone’s OS automatic freeing resources routine which breaks fade away animation when a memory-hungry app is closing (like Cydia). OS invoked memory reallocation during app use causing some **** with app’s activation and deactivation registers maybe messing with active app stack. That addon try to prevent that, at least partially.

    1.6. Fmem algorithm has been changed but I didn’t recompile fmem binary (at least for now). It was not necessary. I have applied shell based patch for it; easier to modify things on the fly. Current approach is more straightforward. That’s what are these two *.sh files in app home directory for.

    1.7. In the current state this MS addon uses its own preference file independent to saltinbas’es cycript app but based on it. You can apply changes in the iphone’s “Settings” but setting up features not implemented of course will do nothing. Any setting change requires respring (it was a decision based on code efficiency constrains).

    1.8. There is a very basic log feature implemented on the shell level. (enabled for locking events). Log is placed in var/mobile/MemStat.txt. Needs to be clean from time to time.

    2. Installation:
    I was planning to release this addon as an additional patch to existing saltinbas’es installation but as I can see the App Identifier has changed recently (this is crucial to libactivator integration) and triggering script/daemon on startup has changed also. I wanted to be app_version_independent so prepared my own deb which requires to uninstall saltinbas’es one. Unfortunately there is no easy way to make sure both apps can coexist as they use similar but not all the same hook points, similar basic features etc.
    To install:
    2.1. Download deb file from here:
    2.2. Make sure you have installed the following utilities/apps: adv-cmds, preferenceloader, coreutils-bin, bash, com.ericasadun.utilities, Activator (libactivator), mobilesubstrate.
    2.3. Uninstall RepeatMemoryFree/Cyboard by saltinbas, whatever version you have.
    2.4. Respring
    2.5. Copy deb file to /tmp directory
    2.6. Open SSH session as root. Go to /tmp and type: dpkg –i RMFGleboEd1.3.0.deb
    2.7. Restart
    To uninstall type: apt-get remove com.glebo.rmf or use Cydia instead.

    More Info : how to install a deb LINK

    3. Setup:
    In Activator submenu of iphone’s Setup you can configure which gesture assign to manual trigger of Fmem. In “RMF Glebo Edition” submenu of iphone’s Setup you can configure program options. Currently implemented: Quit ipod, Quit mail, Quit safari, sound, fmem after locking, Show icon.

    4. Cautions:
    I was trying to make this code backgrounder friendly as far as I could but cannot guarantee proper coexisting of these two extensions as I’m not using backgrounder personally. Quitters are the tricky part, and the way Fmem checks if some app is foregrounded when going to sleep mode. Backgrounder may use appropriate copies of active apps stack and bypass default stack implementation in a way which will confuse fmem causing it not to trigger itself automatically on locking at all. Manual way should always work though.

    I have iphone 3G. There is no fundamental reason this extension should not work for 3GS. Fmem algorithm should be transparent to different memory sizes. But it needs to be verified. Cannot guarantee this.
    This is a beta software so I could not guarantee proper operation and don’t blame me if something will blow and/or start to smell strangely.

    5. Advanced Config:
    Editing .sh files gives you an option to tweak the performance further. If you do not know exactly what you’re doing stay away from these files.
    There are two of them in /Applications/ directory: – is executed on locking event – executed on manual trigger
    Each contains the line like this (note: # is used to comment = inactivate given line):


    The beginning number, “1909375” in this case, represents the strength of the algorithm. Increase it to make fmem more aggressive (and potentially unstable). I recommend using 5-10% step increments/decrements.
    Initially they are set on the conservative side (especially

    General rules: fmem on locking is more prone to crashing springboard; fmem on springboard is more prone to crashing springboard when executed right after respring/reboot.

    To speed up manual cleaning process in file comment “sleep 1”.
    Implemented Fmem algorithm is more progressive in its nature. It’s good for continuous use. After several actions the equilibrium state is usually achieved. It’s not so good for one time deep-impact cleaning. I think Fmem with strong setting requires some threshold value (initial free memory value) beyond which it becomes completely inactive, otherwise causes instability.
    If you want to go back to the original cleaning routine add:

    right before:

    /Applications/ $coeff

    All the Credits of the post should go to : glebogryzara

    Maybe even some of the moderators could open the door for this great app

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    Too long, what does the App actually do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by h4mza View Post
    Too long, what does the App actually do?

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    runs pretty much the same free memory script that sbsettings has, except automatically.

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    its getting better every day:

    1.3.4 - faster, better ... tomorrow

  6. The Following User Says Thank You to tosbsas For This Useful Post:

    crashnburn_in (2010-06-03)

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    tosbsas : thx for the details on the difference between the two packages.

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    Thats great. Is there any kind of conflict of installation / usage with SBSettings? Can both co-exist and if so is there some kind of impact?

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