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Thread: Popup Blocker

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    Default Popup Blocker
    I'm happy to announce the official release of Popup Blocker via the ModMyI source. This extension helps to block many of the annoying alert popups that you see all the time on your iPhone/iPod. You can customize the configuration to block any of the supported popups either when your device is locked or unlocked, and can additionally say whether the device's screen should turn on when the alert occurs. Currently, the extension supports:

    Calendar Alerts
    SMS Alerts
    Voicemail Alerts
    Location Requests
    Accessory Warnings
    Network Lost Warnings
    App Deletion Warnings
    App Store Ratings
    Low Battery Warnings
    Low Disk Space Warnings
    Backgrounder Alerts
    Call Failure Warnings

    I plan to add more popups in future releases. This extension costs 99c USD (via PayPal) and is activated through the Settings application.

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    Using it and all i can say: GREAT!

    No more app store apps removal confirmations/ratings. It's really great!

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    I can not get this app to block my SMS messages. I have tried every arrangement of settings and I still get the popup that says NAME - Text. All it seems to do is block the preview.

    UPDATE: I can turn on the settings on the main window to block all popups and also enable the wake on alert but it still doesnt work.

    Yes it blocks SMS but also blocks push notifications and does not turn the screen on. I am looking to have the app block all and only SMS related notifications but still turn the screen on when they come in. Anyone have working settings for this?
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    Default Unable to Access Settings
    I purchased this from the Rock store and installed it. I cannot see or access the settings for this program from the settings app in the phone. I'm on a 3G, jailbroken with blackra1n, and using the original phone programs (for SMS, Calendar, etc.). Thanks in advance for any help as to why this may be happening.

    UPDATE: I'm not sure which one of these (or both) fixed the issue, but it's fixed. I disabled the "kill switch" and reinstalled PreferenceLoader. Works as advertised.
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    Love this app, very useful to have.

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    I've been using this app for months and LOVE it!! I was wondering if you could create a block for popups when you go to websites that have native apps, like modmyi. I don't like native apps and I hate when I get asked EVERY time I go to the site.

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    Default How to block Call Forwarding Active popup
    Can anyone tell me how to block the "Call Forwarding Active" popup that happens whenever I make a call? Thanks!

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    jamieq, thanks for the reply. I don't have that option. Can you look in your settings and open the app, tell me which one that is under? Thanks!

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    Sorry. Totally didn't read it first. It's for iOS 1.1.1.

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    Where do u purchase popup blocker?

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    Would like a specific link on where to purchase. Thanks

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    I have installed it recently..but while it is blocking everything (calendar, sms, etc), it is not blocking the pop up for push notifications from any app (twitter, facebook, boxcar, etc) in the unlocked state.

    Someone please provide a resolution.

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    it is AMAZING! But can we get this working for os x 5 asap? It saves me from allot of **** and now you can reply the text off the lock screen. Not good for the Playa movment! Anyone have any info when they will update?

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    Os x 5? You mean iOS 5?

    Would still love an option to hide messages from websites that have native apps. I hate those popups!

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