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Thread: Supreme Preferences

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    Default Supreme Preferences
    Anyone else having trouble installing this. It says: The Requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed. Any idea what is wrong and how to fix or get around with problem?

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    yeah im getting that too. but a few weeks ago i jailbroke and installed icy as well as cydia and it installed on icy... but for some reason (for my phone atleast) it wont install on cydia.

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    make sure you have the webviewcontroller installed from cydia

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    Wrong firmware i'm guessing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMario16 View Post
    Wrong firmware i'm guessing.
    im on 3.0 and it wont work for me either, i just got the file SB instructed and still no worky.

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    Be sure to read the other threads about Supreme Preferences before you work too hard at installing it. I had issues with it and had to restore.
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    Yesterday, I installed SP then immediately uninstalled it. Did not activate or enable, did nothing. Afterwards my Winterboard 'selections' were messed. East to fix, just started Winterboard and rechecked what I wanted. Everythings appears normal now. BUT it did bother me that things changed -- unexpectedly.

    Looking at the installed files, I suspect SP discards any current modifications to the preferences and uses factory stock settings as the basis. Just a thought. Would love to get this working

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    Unfortunately I believe that Mario has given up on this app as well as his latest "S".

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    i still don't get why remove 3.0 from cydia... i just updated to 3.1 and now no sup prefs.. this blows

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    I think it's a shame so many (or so few but with big mouths) are having problems/don't like SP3.0.

    I got it on the day it showed up on cydia and couldn't believe what a great piece of software i'd just downloaded! I've been able to get rid of Make it Mine and 5 Icon Dock and it does numerous other tweaks that i think are great.

    Personally i'd like to say a big thank you to the developer of this program and say i look forward to an update if it ever comes, and i'd be more than happy to pay $2 for it too.

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    I installed this on my previous iPhone and had issues with my carrier logo afterwards. It just wouldn't show anymore. Even after restoring, when using my backup. Had to start fresh. Anyways, it was cool but there were issues back then. Not sure if they're fixed or not.

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    I installed this back when it first got onto Cydia and after uninstalling a day after I noticed my WiFi connection is just horrible anymore. My download speed is always below .80 Mb and upload below .40 Mb with a ping always above 500 ms. Could this be a side affect of uninstalling. I have not installed or uninstalled any other cydia app since then.

    I really do not want to do a restore but I may give it a try tomorrow if I ever have time. I know it is really annoying the hell out of me lately because I cannot do anything online without it always failing.

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    i got it from the "eggshelleyes" repo with out a problem through cydia

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