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Thread: Apollo 1.0 (new IM app)

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    does anyone know if this counts against my texts per month

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    Nope. Has nothing to do with text messages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmas View Post
    Huge battery drain since installing this. Not even signed on, yet a huge battery drain. Uninstalling and reinstalling MobileChat for now.
    I saw this too.... uninstalled...

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    An auto reconnect would be nice. I seem to get logged off a lot and don't know it unless I check.
    Also when getting logged off I loose any conversations that were going on and I don't know if I missed any messages or not because they are now gone.
    One other thing. It only lists the display name of my contacts so if people change their name to something weird I have no idea who they are since it doesn't show their email address.
    Other than that great work. We'll see how the battery life goes today.

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    i haven't left mine running in the background, but i can definitely say that just by having the program has not decreased my battery life by any means.

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    Thumbs down I Knew It!
    Dammit! I knew this was gonna happen...

    Left my phone in sleep mode for over 10 mins.. and STILL LOGGED IN.. That's awesome I thought.. I don't have to worry about missing any messages, as I would be notified EVEN IN SLEEP MODE (While iPhone screen is dark).

    Half hour 45mins later I tested again.. Sent message to screen name setup on iPhone/Apollo.. and NOPE.. no message received on iPhone. Clicked on Apollo icon and as I thought, I was logged out.

    What is the purpose of making native Instant Messaging apps for the iPhone, when they can't run in the background while the phone is in sleep mode. If I wanted to just check who was online and just turn off the app after a few mins, I would use a web app like Meebo/Beejive.

    How about making an instant messaging app so it works like apps on all other phones.. You get a text message when you get a new IM.. You log on and continue your IM session!

    (FYI..No battery drain problem for me with this app)

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    Yeah. A couple of bugs.

    1.) Problems Staying Running in background. Needs to stay logged in, and receive msgs when in other apps, and when iphone is locked (or sleep mode).
    2.) Keyboard sometimes gets a little cut off at the bottom.
    3.) When switching from wifi to edge, i think it loses connection. Maybe have it auto-reconnect?
    4.) When connecting to multiple accounts, and one of them is wrong password (in my case msn), it freezes and goes back to home screen.

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    i just created a new aim account for my phone to test. i cant receive messages from users that are not on my buddy list. anyone else seeing this?

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    Uninstalled but, yes I was seeing this yesterday. Also, it does disconnect but appears to be connected.

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    I can't decide weather mundu or apollo.
    Someone help me or should I just install both and try it out?


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    Quote Originally Posted by skottles View Post
    i just created a new aim account for my phone to test. i cant receive messages from users that are not on my buddy list. anyone else seeing this?
    I got the same error when I was testing it out today, but I was able to do it a different time so I can't figure out what that error was.

    Yesterday I got an IM from someone who was not on my buddy list.

    Today I wasn't getting messages from someone, then I logged on at computer to add them to buddy list; then I started getting the messages.

    Really weird.

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    how do i get the vibrate and sound to work?i noticed when browsing in the apollo folder there are sound and vibrate files, however when im chatting with it, no sound or vibrate

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    mine crashes when I try to logg in I've set up accounts with msn,icq,and aim does anyone else have this problem

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    i want to uninstall apollo but its not coming up in ibrickr...anybody have any suggestions on how to uninstall it?

    EDIT.....nevermind i found out through iPhoneList.......

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    installed it then uninstalled it. two reasons, large file size and no yahoo messenger. 3/4 people at work use yahoo IM. For me to eat the large file size it has to be something I can use.

    Really nice work guys, not ********. now that there are so many apps out file size is becoming an issue, wish we could enlarge app area on phone.
    I don't drink kool-Aid, I don't join cults.
    This is why I break out in cold sweat going to Apple retail store.

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    No option for sound/vibrate. That should be put back as an option. Another reason I went back to MobileChat.

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    Uninstalled. No support for .Mac as promised.

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    Thumbs up There IS sound!
    I have sound and vibrate.. For AIM atleast.. Haven't tried MSN.

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    ICQ and of course Aim works but I'm having issues with msn

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