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Thread: smartRSS... a new RSS reader made by the iGuideTV team

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    it is fantastic! ... the only prob i have is the slowly downloading of images .
    images load slowly and if you hit refresh they must reload again from the beginig.
    thanks for this (almost) perfect app!

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    I got it working for me, but it seem to be stuck from time to time, what i mean is i cant scroll horizontal and vertical, and how can we delete feeds that is already read?

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    I tried MobileRSS once and gave up on it in less than a day. This app, on the other hand, looks mah-velous and works pretty well too...for the most part. Like others, I've also found that adding a feed and, afterwards, changing the name of it resulted in the feed apparently no longer working. Deleting and re-adding the feed didn't help.

    It freezes up on me from time to time. Never for more than ten seconds, but still. Sometimes, as has been mentioned, it seems not to recognize screen touches at all - a problem I haven't seen in any other app I have installed. And yes, it'd be nice to be able to re-order the list, refresh a single selected feed instead of always refreshing them all and to have the read-unread indicators be tied a little better to, y'know, whether or not I"ve read the entry :-)

    But it's a first version and, as such, it absolutely rocks! Looking forward to the updates...

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    May I know why the pictures from, or Yahoo Blog cannot be shown in smartRSS ? any special setting ?

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    thanx for this app like it a lot
    hope the features mentioned earlier gets included

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    I like this app a lot, looks great!

    Although, for me it's not showing the full post on some feeds like torrentfreak. In thunderbird I see the picture and links to the full story, on smartrss it's just a paragraph with no links.. is that how it was intended?

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    Is there anyway I get get this feed|0 in ?

    The problem is in smartRSS, i'm not able to key in " | ", it is not available...

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    haha, that is funny, since the iphone has two keyboard configurations. and this one is the "web" optimized configuration, no "|" key.

    Tried SSHingi into the iphone to see if one can manually add feeds via PICO, or VI, but there is none in the application folder, mabe some one has an idea for this?


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    I still find that its response to touch is unreliable. I've had to resort to using google to read RSS until something gets sorted. I love the appearance of this app, and the feeds I want to access certainly present themselves OK, but when trying to access the actual content of the feed, its completely random regarding whether the screen will respond or not. Once it has, I can use arrows to go back and forth but that first hit on a listing... never know if its going to work or not, and most times its not. I should say, too, that I do not have this issue with other apps, so no, its not my screen or my touch.
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    I have the same problem Kateflyer.

    Sometimes the touch screen is not responsive and using a different hand sometimes can fix it. SmartRSS does have very fancy graphics though not always practical, but it keeps with the "iPhone" concept is aesthetics.

    The latest MobileRSS 2.4.2, seems to hav improved stability, so I have moved back to that one.

    I prefer the formatting of MobileRSS over SmartRSS, as SmartRSS cannot format images correctly on first hit. Once literall has to open feed, exit feed and re enter feed, before the text is formatted for viewing.

    Also MobileRSS is flexible for deleting read feeds, and also the ability to see which feed one has not read yet, it very useful.

    Oh, you can type "|" when entering feeds manually in MobileRSS as it uses standard keyboard, not the internet one.


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    Just wanted to say that in spite of the minor issues to work out, this is probably the app I show people the most when I want to show off the navigation potential of the iphone. Everyone is always impressed with the flow of this app. I'm definitely staying with it and I'll just update as they come through. Thanks for the great app!

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    I've put in a few feeds, and most of them work fine, but the ones from NPR won't work. Maybe since they use php? Thoughts? The URL is:

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    Hey, I am back using SmartRSS

    My experience so far

    Was so impressed with latest 2.4.2 MobileRSS, went back to using that, but then... random things started to happen to my iphone. Random restarts of phone with long Apple logo waiting periods, installed unable to update without crashing midway while refreshing sources. Cydia started to crash too. Suddeenly all my settings in MobileRSS was wiped and double the amount of posts visible, and yet, after restart sometimes, would be back to normal. Quick snap I unstalled it and all problems were solved!

    SmartRSS is still number one although has feed formatting bugs, it still alot better than MobileRSS, as it does not crash!!!!


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    Try the new mobileRSS 2.5, it fix the crash issue. SmartRSS still needs work since it cant display graphic correctly on some feed

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    Quote Originally Posted by romeo0119 View Post
    Try the new mobileRSS 2.5, it fix the crash issue. SmartRSS still needs work since it cant display graphic correctly on some feed
    But how, I updated my repositories, and in Productivity MobileRSS is 2.4.2 version?

    Do I need to enter in a new repository?


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    Its labelled 2.4.2 but the opening splash screen says 2.5. It works fine for me but will not save unread articles. Google reader for now :-/

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    I'm assuming php links aren't supported?

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    anyone know about the PHP issue?

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    Thumbs up Beautiful UI! add OPML import, feed edits and http:// shortcut
    Amazing, beautiful work... really looking forward to the next release

    echoing some comments from others:
    - make the store and config editable - don't use proprietary formats on the store or feed configs

    - opml importer.. PLEASE..

    - support "feed://"

    finally, if we do have to enter manually, can you find a way to avoid having to type "http://" manually every time??

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    Another option for those who use Google reader, and cannot wait for an OPML importing function is to try out the new google syncing reader called "Feeds"

    It is a dedicated RSS reader that so far syncs with google reader. It works well, and images, and text format correctly without having to go in and out of articles twice! to get correct formatting


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