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Thread: MewSeek Pro v2.0 now out on Cydia

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    Default MewSeek Pro v2.0 now out on Cydia
    MewSeek Pro v2.0 - now out on Cydia!

    With all the WWDC and crappy iPhone 3GS announcement, It is probably not the best day to release an app, but I wanted to do it as soon as possible anyway.

    It is my pleasure to announce the release of the new, revamped MewSeek Pro. This new version (v2.0) was mainly focused on getting the old user-friendly, fast, responsive and intuitive user interface seen on previous versions when SeeqPod was still alive (I assume you all know what SeeqPod is, what was it used for, and what happened with it).

    The new main search engine is SkreemR, which has proven itself to provide even better and much more up-to-date results than SeeqPod did.

    But that's not all!

    MewSeek Pro now integrates with various mp3 search websites (suggested from users), with the ability to periodically download and update them by the time new ones are discovered and integrated. All from within the same screen, no more crappy, slow WebSearch interface (altough it is still supported, e.g. for Google Search).

    It also features a redesigned interface which makes your mobile download experience even better.
    Take a look at the screenshots!

    Many things have been left for future releases, because I considered this was the major update MewSeek Pro needed in the first place, and I wanted to get it out as soon as possible.

    Forthcoming updates will include:

    - Fixes for the alphabetical sort error on music library after adding songs to iPod (there is a workaround for this: you only need to manually add/remove a song from iTunes to fix it)
    - Pause/Resume downloads (specially useful for big files)
    - Restore downloads after closing the app (specially useful for big files)
    - Rapidshare search (Megaupload, MediaFire and major file hosting websites also supported)
    - Support to download RAR and ZIP files with automatic extraction - specially useful for Rapidshare search
    - ID3 tag editing on downloaded files

    Notes about firmware 3.0

    iPhoneOS 3.0 friendly version is not yet supported. While almost everything works (running the app, search, download), one of its core features, "add to iPod", does not work yet. This is because iTunes 8.2 changed the way it manages the music library, with stuff that has not been yet discovered to enable third party applications mess with it, just like MewSeek Pro does. While we are not under the same situation like we were one year ago (where Apple changed the hashing scheme of the iTunesDB file ... a long story .. but caused a lot of headache to many developers, myself included), there are a few things that need to be figured out before I can make a fully compatible version. Hopefully, it won't be as difficult as it was last year with 2.0 release. But if that is the case, I believe I'll need to recycle my old media player project, PwnPlayer, to enable people to listen to their downloaded music through MewSeek.

    So, we are one week ahead of 3.0 final public release (as announced in the WWDC09 keynote today). Of course, that sucks since I expected the final release to be a little bit later. But in short, if you want to keep using MewSeek Pro, you will have to avoid updating to 3.0.

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    awesome new update!! just downloaded it and still using the trial version.

    i plan on buying it (i thought the price was originally $6.99 not $9.99?) but i really want to wait till you get it 100% working since the import feature wont work on 3.0 yet and i plan on updating. Till then i will continue to just use regular version of MewSeek altho i hate having to use PwnPlayer as a seperate app to play the files.

    i also really wish it wouldnt mess up the music sorting order which i see you plan on working on. Along with editing the song name/album/artist as well which i was going to mention but see you also already have plans for! Cant wait to see more updates for MewSeek Pro!

    quick question, how long do you see SkreemR being around for compared to SeaqPod since thats gone now. Meaning in 6 months do you think legal issues will come up with that site as well and it will get shut down leaving us looking for a diff site (and yes i know there are a few you can choose from on MewSeek Pro)

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    Sweet, very nice update. Thanks

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    what about adding technical info about song before downloading ? bitrate,IDTag etc..

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    I cant download. i can just shh for now and pull out the music. i need something to download music..ahhhhh

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    Anybody able to get it working?

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    What source/s do I need on Cydia to get Mewseek? I can't find it using the search option.

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