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Thread: Convert your iphone MP3 to ringtone...

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    thanks for this! I hated when Itunes deleted my ringtone with sendsong every time I synched, this program solved this perfectly

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    This program is a must have! Thnaks alot!

    But just a warning to anyone who wants to get a ringtone out of a longer audio file... like a podcast... it seems to have to play through the song until it gets to the part you want to make a ringtone out of... so this can take awhile.. hah
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    Version 2.2 here ... For ppl who get problems with ringtones and/or Error 08 please test it
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    hope it solves the problem for the people facing it.
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    2.2 fixed my problem where the ringtone didn't show up in the "Ringtone" menu under Settings->Sounds.

    Thanks a lot!

    1.1.3 via ZiPhone without the SUID Lib Fix

    2.2 fixed my problem where the ringtone didn't show up in the "Ringtone" menu under Settings->Sounds.

    Thanks a lot!

    Works on my phone with 1.1.3 via ZiPhone without the SUID Lib Fix.

    EDIT: Is there a way to edit the volume? Lower it perhaps? Because the mp3 ringtone I made sounds horrible at full volume and I always have my phone at full volume for texts, etc.
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    I had 2.1, everything was working. Installed 2.2, now get error 8. Reinstalled it and now almost all my ringtones are gone including the preinstalled ones. Help? 1.1.3

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    ahhhhh!!! WTF!! Everything was working fine with 2.1 n then I updated and it deleted
    ALL of my ringtones!!!! Even the stock ones!!!! WTF is this,
    and everytime I open the app it saw error on step
    8 or
    something like that!! Please

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    glad I'm not alone

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    any solutions???

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    Still getting the "Error08" msg. I'm on 1.1.4, and my ringtones are being written to: /Library/Ringtones

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    version 2.0 worked perfectly, updated to 2.2

    now error at step 08

    it also erased my stock ringtones...time to DL the ringtone fix from installer
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    please read my site.
    GrandmaPearl : 2.3 don't fix your stock ringtones ? can you contact me please ?

    After my day work, i'll will update my iphone on 1.1.4 with ziphone and see why this @#@#@#@ happen ...
    Sorry ppl!
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    I am on 1.1.4 Ziphone 2.4 and everything works except after it converts the song when I try to play it in my ringtones section there is no sound. Does anyone have any idea why it has no sound?

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    Ok ... I have updated my iphone to 1.1.4 and identify the problem ...
    Can you test the 2.4 version and tell me if :

    - Stock ringtones are back
    - Conversion now work !


    @Brett27 : maybe a bad filename. Try with other mp3 who don't have any chars in filename (. > dot) or something like.. Or try the new version
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    I'm torn on whether or not I should upgrade (from 2.3 to 2.4) after hearing all these missing stock ringtones issues.

    EDIT: Also, have you looked into that volume issue?

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    Ok skrew, I still get the error 08 message but my ringtones are back and I can convert with sound, what happened man? lol :$

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    Try the 2.5 update before ... i think to drop my iphone and ringtones application
    iPhone 4 / iPad 2

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    hmmm only working with "non-itunes-bought" music....... :-(

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