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Thread: [New App] xDrive (samba) for your iPhone!

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    Default [New App] xDrive (samba) for your iPhone!
    The first release of xDrive has just gone live!

    xDrive is an application based on the samba server and provides you with full file system access without the need of installing any client side software (iPhonebrowser, ...) or having you connect through a SFTP client.

    Its about as simple as downloading xDrive through the cydia store. Once installed and configured you will be able to connect to and browse your iPhones file system wherever and whenever you want
    to by connecting to its WiFi address like you would connect to another PC in your network.

    Current features:
    - background mode
    - autostart on iPhone boot
    - SBSettings Toggle for xDrive
    - add, edit, delete your own shares
    - ...

    xDrive is now available through cydia on jailbroken iPhones by adding the following repository:

    For Feedback / Questions / anything contact us at: [email protected]
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    I'm a little confused.... Does this enable the iPhone to act as a usb drive device? Or are we accessing it through a web browser?

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    If it is Samba based, it is an emulation of CIFS or Windows file sharing, so you would access through Windows File Explorer like a network server.
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    xDrive, which offers you full file system access over WiFi by simply connecting to your iPhone's IP address like you would connect to any other computer in your network range, has just been updated to an even more powerful release.

    Besides a significant increase in performance, features like adding / editing / deleting your very own shares have been implemented.

    xDrive is available for jailbroken iPhones through the cydia store by adding the following repository:

    Find more detailed information about xDrive at: xDrive

    Don't miss out on the easiest way to access your iPhone's file system and get yourself a copy of xDrive today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tosbsas View Post
    Is that working on OS3
    Indeed it is.

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    Not to sound ingnorant, but why would I use this method rather than cyber duck and ssh?

    Work with MAC?

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    works with all OS and the best - when you are on the road you can access your files too (:-))

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    Whats the difference between xDrive and xDaemon, they both have the exact same description in Cydia, what's up with that?

    Another question... is this the exact same concept as iDownload and Airsharing?
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    I believe xdaemon is a package that is used by Xdrive.

    Anyone know how to setup xdrive up? I can't for the life of me login to it, no matter what combo of user name / password.

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    you open it, go to settings and put all the stuff in there

    Than you open a new network environment and look for \\your_iphones_ip adress thats it.

    You have to set xdrive to run in background if you wanna close it. If that doesn't work give us some info on your pc setup

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    bought and paid for this sw and i can't get it to work. the toggle keeps turning itself off and i can't connect to the iphone using my mac (other samba drives works).

    was hoping to have a great tool to work on my iphone files but..... hope the product gets better...

    i'm willing to share more if the developers need any info. just ping me...

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    it's cool but i like ifile better...
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    Did you update or first install?

    If update - I had the same mess. I uninstalled everything, toggle, damon and app. Then deleted several folders (2) in /apps/xdrive and mobile/library/xdrive. (that last one holds the config file. You might try to set that one to permissions 0777 and try again. The configfile is the conf file.

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    yup it's permissions after all. received an email to update the app again and eveything seems ok for now. I have no chance to test the app out yet but 1st look, toggle and all are working.

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    It's been driving me crazy for the past 3 days. Now after all this with the help of one of the developers we got it at least attempting to connect and for the toggles to stay ON ! but now no passwrds or user names would work!!

    I tell you no disrespect to the xDrive team but why should anyone pay 6.99 Euro for something that don't work, IMO.

    Thanks for looking
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    I just wish it would work correctly

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    I'd like to respond to the recent issues we've had with xDrive:

    First off, its not 6.99...

    Secondly, yes we've had some faulty packages online on the 25th of August, which for about 24hours we couldn't do anything about because its A) not hosted with us no more and B) the wrong file permissions within the packages werent messed up by us either, but the host.

    Basically xDrive wasn't able to alter its config files in ANY way because of that, resulting in none of the settings working, nor starting the samba services at all.

    The update we were finally able to get online fixed this about 24hours later!

    So why are some of you still unable to connect you ask?

    @samteee: is it possible you changed your passwords within xDrive already and are trying to connect with those? Notice that the passwords you set before updating GOT WIPED again (it had to be done this way with this particular update, it wont be that way for further updates)

    @StealthBravo: could you just send me an email to [email protected] with a little bit of detail on whats not working / happening (unless you did so already, in that case one of us is working on it as we speak anyway).

    Also let me just point out that we're trying really hard to satisfy each and every single one of our customers. However you could possibly imagine that there is a lot of variables with something like this, for example: your OS type (windows, linux, mac), your OS version, your iPhone version, your iPhone configuration, your OS config, ...

    Then theres a lot of people trying to connect to it using their webbrowsers also... Yea well, Im working on making the HOW TO CONNECT tutorials even more specific on that, but I guess that won't change much either.

    What I'm trying to say is, even if its not working right away, it doesn't necessarily have to be a bug. It could be as simple as using it in the wrong way at first.

    But yes, occasionally it might not work at all, rest asured in those cases the customers that contacted us about it up until today all got it fixed at some point.

    Also there should be an update available somewhen today (we submitted it last night), enabling you to submit logfiles to us if soemthings not working, so we the feedback we need to take action.

    And on a last note, the fastest way to get support is always [email protected], as we really don't regular check all forums

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    Default xdrive is garbage
    xdrive is garbage. doen't work and there is no support. if you want to give someone money for a horrible app from a horrible company then xdrive is for you. at least ifile works.

    xdrive is garbage. doesn't work and there is no support. if you want to give someone money for a horrible app from a horrible company then xdrive is for you. at least ifile works.
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