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Thread: A note to the developers and owners of Intelliborn and Rockapp

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    Default A note to the developers and owners of Intelliborn and Rockapp
    Have you seen and heard the loads of poeple that did install rockapp before the intellscreen update, did the update as shown in cydia and now nothing works anymore - no cydia, no rockapps,no IS - only thing left is restore?

    You guys are really something. IS is a great app, but shovling down our throats that rockapp was one thing, having had loads and I mean loads (read this forum only) of restores cause your app messed up iphones and can't be uninstalled as easy as it should - you should give away th eapps you are trying to sell or really fix that stuff.

    I cannot remember any other app or installer (icy as an example) that messed so much like rockapp - so PLEASE, PLEASE fix your apps, make it uninstallable fast and in the meantime tell people how to update their stuff

    1. If you installed 2.55 via cydia - how would you update next time
    2. If you installed 2.55 over Rockapp - how would you update next time Cydia shows you an update (thats were all iphones who updated that way crashed)

    WE NEED ANSWERS MAN. We just used your software, even bought it, so whats up here


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    Sorry dude, but I just can't figure out why people still buying software from these guys, when forums all over the internet are packed with hundrets of threats about how Intelliscreen wrecked their phones and they had to restore. (Happened to me once a year ago, never installed that crap again).
    No offense, but this is what you get...

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    just say no

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    Ok, got one of my answers

    Question 1 -Update via Rockapp - works perfect, and Cydia recognizes the Update as being realized


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    I don't think they will answer cuz they're laughing all the way to the bank...bastards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkidu View Post
    Sorry dude, but I just can't figure out why people still buying software from these guys...
    Exactly. When Saurik describes a product as a "buggy monstrosity of doom" and people STILL send $$$ to these guys...difficult to find compassion when it things start to fall apart.

    P.S. Doubling-posting isn't going to endear you to anyone around here, either.
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    I agree...ANYTHING from Ripdev is Rubbish....

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    As they say - sucker born every minute hehe

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    I bought IS when it was first available, since it was a GREAT app..and still is. I got my license transferred over to through the Rock app and I updated Intellishared and boom..spinning wheel of death. Anyways..if Intelliscreen is only going to be available through Rock app...I'm going to have to go without it. =[

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