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Thread: New APT Packager - ICY by RipDev

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    is their anything good in it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lillewis51 View Post
    ok ok lets go back to the start when there was only installer. everybody loved it right. the along came cydia. everybody that tryed it had something to say about it. like how ugly it was or how long it took to download the sources. only the devs used it right. the only reason everyone uses cydia now is because it was the only thing available during the new jailbreak. if installer was ready most people would still dislike cydia. now that there is a prevue of icy it will probably be ready for 3.0. this means new features. there's a good chance it will be independent on 3.0 and if by any chance cydia isnt ready then icy will be the new in. people slowly changed to liking cydia and there's a good chance the same will happen with icy. also someone mentioned how it looks...if i recall rightly everyone was complaining about cydia's layout and its colors so if u give it a chance it could be the new cydia or the better installer. everyone hated cydia at first but now they love it. i wouldnt be surprised if the same thing happened with icy.
    But there's a difference in installer then, and installer now. A bad difference, Ripdev.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dracwy View Post
    i'm really glad it's an april fool's joke!! i was so disturbed by the news that i didn't sleep well.

    haha... anyway, who knows how to uninstall icy safely, without affecting iphoneOS & cydia?
    I did the same thing when it first came out. Just install/update to 1.1 and now it will let you uninstall it without any alerts on your phone. I did uninstall it since even after the 1.1 update, will still crash when open it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    But there's a difference in installer then, and installer now. A bad difference, Ripdev.
    maybe ripdev will take a turn for the better

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    any one know how to install icy 1.1. When I try to install it with icy 1.0 it tells me the package "dpkg" was not found

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    the only "good" thing for this... is that you can start installing/managing faster...

    it shows no ads tho... so no money for developers.

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    I love icy it is better than cydia, because speed matters the most to me. Also, the constant reloading and crashing in cydia made me want to throw my phone out the window........ ok not

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    Default dpkg not found
    Geting the same thing on my 2g dpkg not found when tring to update icy

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    updated to 1.1.1

    funny, the only good thing about this app was fast loading, and now that it has recent apps, it loads slower than before, and i think slower than yesterday, so it might get worse... (its still faster than cydia tho)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Real_Iphonecrazy View Post
    Ripdev RIP

    Go away and curl up in a dark corner somewhere

    You have failed with installer and you will fail again with Icy

    We do not need this, Cydia is everything

    So give it up Ripdev u suck so much

    lmao ha ha
    You ***** about RipDev dissing Cydia yet you do the same? If you don't like Icy, then don't get it. They're not FORCING you to use it, nor is Saurik forcing you to use Cydia.

    I think I'll try it after it's not so new. Hopefully Cydia will run on 3.0 because I'm not ready for change. I never actually stayed with Installer, either. Installer just sucks IMO but I'm sure that I could have used it more than three hours before giving it up.

    So there's my two cents.

    I would also like to say "owned".
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    jay will have cydia on 3.0 very soon.

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    I can't wait for cydia on 3.0

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    while using Icy the other day, i found something out very interesting and something that cydia can't do. its not a real big difference but i like it.

    You use Icy in Landscape mode which i found cool.
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