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Thread: Mobile Tetris

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    Default Mobile Tetris
    Mobile Tetris is still in Beta, but is very much playable! A great Tetris clone which is a part of the Mobile Studio suite.

    Available via Installer and <a href="">their site</a>.

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    <a href=""></a>
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    will this be added to the installer?

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    Glad this is working now. =D
    I used iBrickr. (I have it installed for things like this and easy file browsing)

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    my blocks are hanging in mid air :-(
    "The glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall."

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    anyone find a good "non-square shaped" icon for tetris?? like the quicktime symbol for youtube or like the nes controllers for NES app, something that isnt the same shape as the stock icons if you get what im saying
    i LOVE apple.

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    Here's the one from Aqwoah

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    WOW thanks exactly what im lookin for. just a few blocks that make it look like tetris thanks!!
    i LOVE apple.

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    can anyone relink tetris site is down?

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    I would really like this to have the screen centered and the buttons split up and on their respective sides of the screen, with a down button on both left and right.

    What does everyone else think?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BradTN View Post
    can anyone relink tetris site is down?
    Isnt mobile tetrominos the same thing?

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    Yep. You can find the project here:

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    my g/f cant get enough of this game she plays it for hours on end
    Robert C ( aka ) Newb with a Iphone

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    why not use NES with the Tetris rom

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    If you want to play Tetris, this is a lot better experience. That why I would use it over the little NES screen.

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    can you tell me how i Upload the games to Iphone


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    Quote Originally Posted by drpc View Post

    can you tell me how i Upload the games to Iphone

    If you have community sources installed it should be listed under the games section, its actual name is "MobileTetrominos"

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    I love tetris! But to b honest, the controls suck. I can't tap the right buttons especially when the blocks fall fast. I think it would be a much better experience playin' it in landscape mode with the left/ right button on the respective side. But that was mentioned before... The reason for landscape would be to have more space for the controls...
    i'd love the game (i'm an addict) but i can't play it right...

    But hey! Thanks anyway for developing the app!

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    agree the control are pretty horribly! They need to fix the controls and a way to make the blocks fall faster instead of waiting for them to fall at there speed! The buttons need to be put on each side!

    ok further playing this game I would like it if you press and hold the DOWN button that the bricks would fall quicker sam goes for the LEFT and RIGHT buttons!

    The buttons need to be placed on each side so you can use 2 thumbs to play this game and like someone said earlier lanscape would probably better just because of the room you need for using your fingers on both sides OR just place the buttons at the bottom like the nintendo controller could work as well.
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