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Thread: Wi-Fi Cracker For iphone/ipod touch is out!

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    After reading and watching the YouTube video of "WiFi Joker" a few days ago, I knew it was not creditable.

    As a security Analyst dealing with network routers and wireless network security in corporate environments, it takes a large amount of packets before you can exploit WEP's weakness and expose the entire WEP key.

    AirSnort, AirCrack and WEPCrack are popular linux programs used for cracking WEP keys. On average, it takes roughly between one to four hours to obtain a entire WEP key on a busy WLAN. While it is possible to crack it much faster, it cannot be cracked in a matter of a few seconds. That was the big tip off for me. The iPhone does not have the horse power to crack most WEP keys in a week.

    Wireless Security Recommendation:

    1. Avoid using WEP security on your wireless routers period.
    2. Home users should use "WPA2 Personal" security mode with "AES" encryption with a long passphrase (20 characters). This pretty much makes it impossible to crack your wireless network key.
    3. Corporate environments should use "WPA2 ENterprise" security mode and authenicate against a radius server. This is uncrackable.


    It is illegal to access open or close wireless networks without the owner's permission. In many states, capturing (sniffing) packets is illegal based on its intent; unless you are performing this on your own wireless network, or have expressed permission.
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    Reddawg... I thought the samething when the cracked it that fast... Then for a brief moment of stupity I just thought maybe they cut out some of the video. But your right I have Airsnort and Aircrack, It takes anywhere from 45 min. to 4 hours for some 128bit WEPs

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    would be awesome tho

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