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Thread: Colloquy

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    Default Colloquy
    Everyones favorite IRC program for the Mac, Colloquy has now been ported to the iPhone! Works great, even has notifications, auto-login, etc. Hopefully the dev's will get this to use the iPhone's built in spell check soon, but other than that its great!

    Available via iBrickr/Breezy, Installer, and <a href="">their site</a>.

    <a href="" title="Colloquy IRC for iPhone" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" height="480" width="320" /></a>

    <a href="" title="Colloquy IRC for iPhone" target="_blank"> </a>

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    I got installer on my phone through AppTapp or something but colloquy isnt showing up in the installer?

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    I wish spellchecking wasn't broken

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    Nvm about my post before i got it up and running!

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    When i hit the + to add my connection. There is no save button or anything anywhere to save my information. Is there something im missing here but I can't even create a connection to try and log in to. Is my program just broken or is there something that im just not touching right?

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    So far i'm having trouble finding a use for this app in its current state. ssl connections seem to be broken, slash commands dont work so i cannot send private messages to anyone on the network and theres no chan list. Hopefully these will be added in a later release because using command line anything on the iphone is a *****.

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    Default iPhone Colloquy vs. mColloquy vs. ... ?
    So far it seems that there are at least 2 distinct versions of Colloquy for the iPhone.

    1. The version referenced here:, and also on the main Colloquy site. This version actually connects to the "real" Colloquy client running on your Mac, and has all of its benefits (i.e. everything that's missing in the stand-alone version of Colloquy for the iPhone). So it appears that this version is just a sort of display frontend for the regular Colloquy.

    2. The version that I see in, which is missing:
    - "/" commands, or equivalent
    - Channel list
    - User list
    - Ability to display actions as different from regular messages
    - Ability to display parts and joins
    - Ability to display server messages
    - Probably others I can't think of right now

    This would be a great app if it had these things.

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    How do you add a channel that has a key?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoadizzle View Post
    How do you add a channel that has a key?
    Unfortunately, you don't. And maybe never will. I can't detect that anyone is actually developing/bug-fixing on this app anymore. I hacked it up myself to add some of the missing features, but set that aside in favor of creating a new IRC client from scratch.
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