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Thread: SummerBoard 3.2 is out

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    Default SummerBoard 3.2 is out
    Just FYI, it's out.
    Anyone know what the changes are?
    I'm guessing it's a mix of 1.1.4 updates as well as stability new or old features sadly.

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    Apple iPhone School reports that SummerBoard 3.2 fixes the 80 app limit.

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    its not downloading from installer why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by likwidfuzion View Post
    Apple iPhone School reports that SummerBoard 3.2 fixes the 80 app limit.
    oh please, let it be so! Downloading right now...

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    Have you managed to download? I keep getting the "package download failed" message
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    had problems in the morning, but its working fine for me now..

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    I've been trying since I wrote that, with 'download failed' all the time.
    I got the file downloaded via my d/l manager on the mac, but still no go via installer.
    Will just keep trying...

    Weird thing is, it gets the full package every time, sitting in the 'temp' folder, but keeps telling me the download failed.

    It seems to be a cache thing - I disabled my wifi & downloaded it via edge and it installed fine.

    AND YES!!! more than 80 apps!!!
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    im having trouble with 3.2 I can't get my themes to work anymore? Any suggestions?

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    80 apps? Who in the world has 80 apps?

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    Works fine for me as well...

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    i tryed installing it and it told me to install bsd or cydia (i had bsd 2.1 and installed cydia the other day).

    im updating cydia now, hope i can install it, i was on 78 apps and was worried

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    I downloaded it and wanted to use my iswitcher themes but there isnt the option to select iswitcher themes, wtf?!

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    my mistake, it was iphisics 1.1 that gave me that msg, summerboard updated with no problem.

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    With this new summerboard, I noticed that in 1.1.4 I no longer need to run the "smb themes fix." It just works.

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    as it was said before, no more 80 apps limit

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    Quote Originally Posted by wePhone View Post
    80 apps? Who in the world has 80 apps?
    WTF dude? You're a nobody in the iphone scene if you ain't got at least 80 apps
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    i notice that not all thems will works with this new version some of the themes will not show the proper wallpaper just a blank screen or the wall paper you have selected

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    Ok you guys that know your way around summerboard, I wanted to create a new theme. When I cyberduck in, I go into applications/SMBprefs/ and there is not a theme folder?, I created one, and then a new folder inside of that called test. Still dont see that as an option. How are you guys going about inserting themes on a 1.1.4 phone? Did the theme folder move? Thanks for the help if anyone knows!!

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    can someone tell me where in the hell is the summerboard installer on

    i just upgrade to 1.1.4 and then jailbroke it and i cant find the damn app!.. haha. . i swear im blind

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    just go in the utilities I believe

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