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Thread: Spring Dial

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    Default Spring Dial
    Excellant new APP at

    Works great on 1.1.4
    JB via ZIPHONE 2.5

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware

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    I agree, this is a great app, one of my favorites!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallasnights View Post
    Excellant new APP at

    Works great on 1.1.4
    JB via ZIPHONE 2.5
    Thanks, I am glad others are finding it helpful. For those who want a bit more of a description, this is from my announcement of it at

    SpringDial - speed dial for you SpringBoard.

    Version: 0.995-beta

    SpringDial puts speed dials of your contacts on the SpringBoard of a jailbroken iPhone. The advantage of this is over using the Webclip method is that it is more of a true speed dial. Safari doesn't have to load, and you are not asked to confirm the call. If you happen to have a photo for the contact in your Address Book (don't know what Apple is doing for windows users, so this is probably only available for Mac OSX users, but you can edit the contact on the iPhone to add a photo), then it is what is used as the icon for the contact.

    Features Summary:
    • Speed dials now can still function if you uninstall SpringDial. This is the default behavior, but you can disable this by tapping the Spring Mode button.
    • In order to help solve bugs with the many different jailbreak environments users can now report bugs including a debug log, from SpringDial itself. Bug reports and logs are only submitted with the user's authorization and no personal information is included. If the application won't launch, you can submit a bug report from the command line: /Applications/ --sendDebug "Your message here"
    • Show the image of the contact so you can dial by image
    • The created SpringDial apps are quite small since they only use space for the plist and contact image (shrunk to 60x60).
    • SpringDial vs Phone->Favorites
      • Less clicks then Phone->Recents->Contact
      • Has an image of the contact
      • Limited only by the number of apps you can display

    • SpringDial vs WebClip tel://
      • Image is added automatically if available
      • Don't have to wait for Safari to load - Don't have to confirm to place the call

    The easiest way to install it is to add the repo "".



    ******** UPDATE ********
    SpringDial creates new applications on your SpringBoard (really they are just what I call SymApps since everything but the plist and icon are symlinks), but because of this it would be very easy to go over the 80 application limit of SpringBoard. If this happens SpringBoard will fail to load. You cannot create new speed dials with SpringDial if you already have 80+ applications.

    I have had two reports of people who have said that they have gotten a hang for about 10 seconds after first using a speed dial, but then it is fine after that. This might be Summerboard related.

    Questions, bugs, features? If you can, please submit them through the new "Report Bug" button in SpringDial. If the application won't launch, you can submit a bug report from the command line: /Applications/ --sendDebug "Your message here". If for some reason you can't use that method, email me here: springdial AT-SIGN mineshaftgap DOT net. Either way, please let me know what jailbreak method (if you remember) you used and if you are running SpringBoard or SummerBoard.

    Also I would love to see examples of this being used, so send snapshots of your SpringDial.
    Try SpringDial - speed dial for your iPhone's SpringBoard

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