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Thread: Directimus Dialimus

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    Default Directimus Dialimus
    [ame=""]YouTube - Directimus Dialimus[/ame]

    check it out!

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    I have this for enough time. I have created 1 app for phonenumber and then I have created 1 categorie and put all in.
    And I used IphoneHome for double click home button for this categorie (now don't work Iphonehome).

    The problem is the limit with the 80 apps in the version 1.1.3 and 1.1.4.

    Is it in the same method?

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    Default Say What!!!
    First, the app is fantastic, where can I get it?

    Second, your theme and icon set is the best I have seen, can you tell me where to get it, or post it for download?

    I must have been through 20 themes and not been happy with any of them, your's is simple yet classy and elegant, let me get some of that.

    NEVER THE MIND, Just saw that its Catagories (right?) but how did you make the icons, and I stll need the theme and iconset
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    ok some instructions how you did this would be great
    thanks all great job!

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware

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    well. Its really not that hard to do! It just takes a liitle patience. I'm at work right now. So I will try to make a minor vid tutorial of sorts LOL. And as for my theme? Steamer its not really a theme. But merely a background image I'm fond of and all the icons are... Well not entirely created by me but they were made unique by me. By putting a bezel around them and changing their colors. Like I said it takes some time. But I'm more than happy with the results. Anyway. I will respond soon enough with more. Lata

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