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Thread: VoiceRecord

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    Default VoiceRecord
    Erica Sadun brings us yet another utility, this one allowing us to do simple voice recording from your iPhone. Allows for recording, playback, and emailing, as well as renaming the recording.

    Voice Record is available from <a href="">its site</a>, iBrickr/Breezy, and Installer.

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    <a href=""></a>

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    Wink VoiceRecord
    I had an app on my Treo called CallRec which acted as a voice recorder but also could record phone conversations as well. Would be great to see that implemented as well. But thanks for a great app!

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    Does anyone know where the files are stored? I would like to back them up.

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    checking now...

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    Thank you

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    Default Sending voice records to ringtone
    Future update request:

    I'd love to be able to send recordings to ringtones.
    Is this possible?



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    Post 10 Missing/Nice Features for VoiceRecord
    1) Switch to different audio playback outputs a) jack, or b) what I want - bluetooth, similar to the button on visual voicemail playback, or (c) wild idea to an ongoing telephone conversation
    2) in compliment to 1) the ability to source the message from bluetooth
    3) Switches on voice recording when a) you punch the button (current) or b) you hold the phone up to your face (proximity sensor trigger) or c) you touch the button on the bluetooth switch
    4) Compliment to (3) switches recording off when a) you move phone away from face (proximity sensor) or b) you touch the bluetooth switch

    Then there's some tweaky features

    5) optionally allow for a picture to be taken linked to the voice note (store note as .mpg with the picture in it!)
    6) Automatically upload voicenotes on synchronization to somewhere on the host computer
    7) Show relative size of the recordings (bar graph?)
    8) Link to other phone features a) todo list b) contact entry
    9) Play all voice notes entries one after the other when first is punched
    10) Drop them in Visual Voicemail and use that system to manage (deleted items, etc.)


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    And keep alive while doing other things on the iphone!!!

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    good app....going to try it out tmr

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    doesnt seem to play back for me.

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    can they make use of the speakerphone when playing back?


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    Did you ever get it to play back for you? I'm getting recordings to play back, and they have length, but no audio. Just the loud pop of something digital starting to play, and then stopping at the end.

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    Erica - please update this to keep recording when we leave the app so we can do written notes in the as well as audio notes!

    PLEASE this would be a killer app if this was done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by musicpenguy View Post
    Erica - please update this to keep recording when we leave the app so we can do written notes in the as well as audio notes!

    PLEASE this would be a killer app if this was done!
    no offense to Erica - she has done a lot of great things for the iPhone. However, she appears to be a hit and run developer. Creates something - updates it once - then moves on to something else. And leaves a lot of orphaned applications. So unfortunate.

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    I, for one, REALLY appreciate Erica Sadun's contributions to expanding the iPhone's capabilities. She's amazingly responsive on her site if there are any problems with an app and I can't think of one of her programs I use that's been "abandoned".

    Granted, I only use six of her utilities on a regular basis (snap2album, SendSong, SendPics, Send File, xLauncher, & Voice Notes) so maybe my sample groups isn't large enough to comment...

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