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Thread: Summerboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by swss2003 View Post
    well im not even getting it to work, iswitcher themes seem to work fine...but when i go to put a theme on using summerboard nothing appears.... so i dont know if needs an update or just isnt compatible with the 1.1.2 firmware

    i just want to use some summerboard themes and it does not seem to want to work out...

    im having the same problem...the icons dont change....

    now the litho is working...but the weather icon remains default....i tried changing it manually thru luck,..all the other icons work...only the weather doesnt change..
    neone knows why this is ??
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    What's new in the latest update?

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    There hasnt been an update for a while...

    EDIT: nvm, there was an update. It cant be much big, but I cant seem to get on Nullriver's website to see the changelog if they have one...

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    summerboard works great on 1.1.2. Icons will only change if they are included with the theme. Alot of themes are just different wallpapers. I cut off the dim and wallpaper option - it reduces the crashes to nil....

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    i've got the same problem with litho theme weather icon remaining default one. All other icons change, except for weather, that's annoying, anyone knows the fix? I've tried renaming it, and using different icon, but it doesn't work, what's the deal?

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    Ok...I have the latest release of Summerboard on a 1.1.1. phone...I want to be able to move all my icons DOWN, under the dock, so I'll have to slide upward to see them...

    I know this used to be a feature but I can't find it anywhere??? From reading through this thread it seems that SB seems to have lost alot of functionality...this is all I have in my version...

    Theme > takes you to pick a theme.
    Theme Walpaper on/off
    Theme Status Bar on/off
    Theme Icons on/off
    Theme Dock on/off

    Wallpaper on/off
    Dim Wallpaper on/off
    Skip Last Row on/off
    Hide Icon Labels on/off
    Hide Dock Labels on/off

    Restart Springboard

    Is this all there is supposed to be? I thought you could move Icons around the screen (ie.put them wherever you want, not necessarily in a grid), as well as move them all under the dock so you have an Icon free background..where is all this functionality...??? What am I missing...???

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    Anything positioning icons is done with Customize, rSBT inside of it. And the up and down icon sliding is in firmwares 1.0.2 or lower. As of 1.1.1, you slide left to right vice versa

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
    Anything positioning icons is done with Customize, rSBT inside of it. And the up and down icon sliding is in firmwares 1.0.2 or lower. As of 1.1.1, you slide left to right vice versa
    That would confirm what I've found out so far...BUT, is there anyway to get the Icons off the main screen? Even with Customize it seems like the best you can do between the two programs is a standard 3x4 grid...which really sucks when you compare it to say this...

    or this....

    Seems like the older stuff had ALOT more functionality...I don't get it...

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    does anybody else but me miss mini dock??

    for us 1.1.3 / 1.1.4 iphones

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    Default More info please...
    Quote Originally Posted by bezman View Post
    you can get the old summberboard here:

    as i suggested to some people, you should download the apps you use and know that work on the FW you use (just in case you are ever offline or the servers go down)
    I typed in add resources it picks up the source but I still am unable to install the summerboard... am I installing it incorrectly?

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