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Thread: Dock 2.0 Released

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    Default Dock 2.0 Released

    You need to see the video on the site to understand how it works now but it's awesome.

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    just installed it - noticed the sunburst and had no idea how to use it - it kept loading apollo im

    checked the site, watched the video - FRIKEN COOL!

    plus, its there all the time - no need to press the home key to load a different program

    just need to make sure all your icons have transparent backgrounds cause it looks a little odd using it with a theme thats been heavily modified

    no need for that paging stuff in funtastic 3 either

    to the developer: Nice! very nice.

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    It works pretty good, but it's a little fidgety on selecting icons. Maybe it's because I have too many, so it's all kinda bunched up. It would be great if we can choose what apps we want to put in there. I don't need a second icon for the icons I already have on the screen. This would be awesome if there was a way to edit it to only include apps you wanted there. Then I can go back to my favorite DK56 themes. Still a very good app.

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    I am sure this is a very early version of this, but its a heck of a start...

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    This looks really good! Great Idea! I'll mess around with it a little because there's a few things that I want in it but I doubt I could do all of this:

    -Choose which apps get put in it.
    -Choose the icon that comes up using this program. For iphones that have some interesting pictures for themes on the dock, a lot of icons look bad in this program.
    -Move the picture for the current app you have selected to the top right not the bottom left. My thumb is always on that icon and is rather bothersome.

    This Dock will be a great program though. Good job nate!

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    Didn't you prefer the original concept... scrolling? The cool factor made that more favorable to me....

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    While I do love the idea behind this version of the dock, I too must cast my vote for the original concept. In fact, where possible I would like to keep both on my iPhone.

    Reason being while the new Sunburst method is great for a "quick pick" of apps, the original Dock seemed capable of handling many more applications. Plus I liked how the bottom row of my Springboard could just scroll with beauty and ease.

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    can you switch it to the left side???
    this seems to be created for a left handed person...cause when using right hand, you cant see the big icon inside the ring of small icons haha

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    Seems like each has its own benefits. The previous dock is nice on a standard icon springboard screen. It looks nice and is easy to access all your apps.

    The new is much more convienent in terms of switching from one app to another by skipping the middle man, the springboard, entirely.

    Solution: Use the one you like more. Simple as that. Don't think of v2.0 as an upgrade on v1 as they really are very different in use and looks.

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    Love it, love it. Pretty cool way of doin it, now it doesn't mess up the front page with people who have backgrounds like the other one did. Though, it would be nice to have both way but maybe a full page scrolling and be able to add embedded backgrounds behind the icons.

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    I like it a lot! Of course, it makes me want to go back to the original icons... looks a little funny with my custom icons which have the bg in them.

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    Holy **** This Is Awesome!

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    ok...they said *cant find youtube*...

    well...its off screen..but its there.

    also..if you have alot of icons...its tough to keep ur finger steady on the icon..slightest movement will pick another right when you let go..

    i second the option of *being able to choose what icons u want on there*

    then its really worth having a quick launch

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    Default Very cool
    But selecting the sunburst seems inconsistent for me on my iphone right now. Anyone else having that kind of trouble.

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    This is sweet, great app to add to the Iphone.

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    I liked V1 better personally. With my case on its harder than hell to hit that tiny sunburst.

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    I cast my vote for v1 as well

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    I prefer this version, only because of the fact that is both on the homescreen and in all of the apps.

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    This is one of the coolest things i've ever seen...

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    Default I prefer this concept
    But niether version was working the way it was intended so before trying another concept can we fully debug the present implementation.
    Anyway to have a setting that lets the user choose between the 2 dock concepts. That way we can each choose the way we like better.

    Its just important that it gets cleaned up bugwise. The old method had the dock showing up in aps covering the app, and this one its hard for me to consistently get the starburst to expand to get to the dock.
    Sometimes it doesn't work at all sometimes the button, or icon closest to the lower right cornert launches.

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