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Thread: SwirlyMMS Released?

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    Default I am working on it as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by wgr73 View Post
    Thanks bro, that was quick. I'm working on it as well...I'll post back my progress.
    I have been trying for hours as well to get this working. I did actually get it to work after following what has been said about telling the reps i broke my iphone so i went back to my LG. I put the sim back to my iphone and got to see some messages that were sent to me and was able to send a couple messages but it stopped working after about an hour so i swapped sims again, got it working one more time, then, died again. I think it is as well the system att uses detects that you are again using the iphone and swaps you back to the according plan. I just dont understand why att dosent charge like 3.99 a month for unlimited mms plan, then sell an app in the app store for like 2.99 that works mms and they would make a fortune.... Ill keep my progress posted as well. PS....... Played with a storm last night, has AWESOME video graphics, looks like hd, but as far as functionality, iphone is WAY more user friendly......even without the mms service

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    i have a 3g iphone with 2.2 and swirly works 100 percent perfect i wrote a lil tutorial on its on this site sum were check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDude42 View Post
    I used these settings, and was able to send out a message, but I am unable to fetch one. It sits for a while saying:

    "Connecting MMSC Gateway: ..."

    And then says

    "Fetch Error: failed to connect to proxy: connect failed ..."

    EDIT 1: And now it wont send anything out either, saying the same thing.

    EDIT 2: Rebooted my phone. Went into Swirly, everything worked - downloaded the first mms, sent out the second. I exited swirly, waited for the message, went back in, now it won't connect again. Even though I get the green "m".

    EDIT 3: Interesting....if I crash swirly (holding down the home button), and go back in, it takes a while to connect, but it works. Seems like some bug. Hopefully they'll smooth it out.
    I too am getting this fetch error: failed to connect timeout (-1) on my ipad 3g 64gb jailbreaked os3.2. I bought the app through cydia today full licence version and now my excitement is gone and I am feeling bad why i purchased the app . I am on vodafone india
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