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I faced the same problem too but manage to find a way to do it. It works for me, you can try.

SMSD Ver 0.23beta1 for Firmware 1.1.3

Goto http://amrut.joshi.googlepages.com/ for the files.

1) Create SMSD.app.zip from Download ZIP Files (SMSD-v0.2.3beta1.zip) and then copy to folder /Applications
Note - This step to ease up process of copying and creating Folder one by one for Folder and Files inside Folder "SMSD.app".

2) From (SMSD-v0.2.3beta1.zip), Copy file "SMSDHelper" from Folder "MobileSMS.app" to /Applications/MobileSMS.app
3) From (SMSD-v0.2.3beta1.zip), Copy file "com.amrut.iphone.SMSD.plist" from folder "Library/launchdaemons" to /Library/launchdaemons/

Use IBrickr to copy !

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

***Install & repair password login for Term-vt100 for 1.1.3***

1) Install Term-vt100 from installer.app (System)
2) Enter source (http://www.trejan.com/irepo)
3) Install "Suib Lib Fix" from installer.app (Tweaks 1.1.3)

Note - This is to fix the login password problem for Term-vt100 in 1.1.3, if you face the problem of Incorrect password.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

***Execute SMSD for 1.1.3***

===== Deleted =====

***Execute SMSD for 1.1.3 (Revise Step)***

1) Launch Term-vt100.app and use login as "root" and password is "alpine".
2) type # cd / , then Enter
3) type # cd /Applications, then enter
4) Unzip the filename "SMSD.app.zip" by typing # unzip SMSD.app.zip, then enter

How do you download the SMS.app.zip file to the iPhone handset?