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Thread: RiPTones

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    Default RiPTones
    Who Am I?
    -I made RiPTones (The application and website).

    What is it?
    -A website ( That can download mp3s, and let you download a 8-30 second ringone for iPhones
    -An application, that copies downloaded m4r's (via Safari Download Plugin), and moves them to the ringtones folder.

    What does it cost?
    -I wanted to make this 100% free, and it orignally was. I can run this locally for free, but by helping YOU I need money for hosting.
    -SO: It's free for an unlimited amount of 0-8 second ringtone conversions (you choose the 8 seconds that you like), or 0-30 second conversions for $5 (unlimited as well, 1-2 month subscriptions exist)
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    nice work hope this gets updated soon

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    good to see i miss ringtones
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    Will it also do SMS text sounds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skb875 View Post
    Will it also do SMS text sounds?
    I don't think it does now, but. I can add that when I find where they're stored

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    excited to see what happens!

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    Nice.... I will be checking in on this... Thanks for the share.....

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    Have not herd of this app before. EXACTLY what i have been looking for. thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    It's new, your welcome. All is working now

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    Hey Bro, Great Work....Any thoughts of adding " Change File Name " To the downloaded ringtones....Once again great work and keep updates rolling. Oh and why doesnt the app i downloaded off cydia also just open or give option to go to site. I know it puts the ringtones in foleder when opened but why not a option to do what you need to do. Thanks for listening.

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    i donwloaded
    got money from lil wayne under riptones in safari its under "my ringtones" but i cant seem to set it as my ringtone

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    @dapaintballer331, does it allow for full length mp3 ringtones, or are they still limited to 30 seconds?

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    8 second limit now, thanks for the free app, ill wait till the activity settles, I've been having issues downloading.


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    1. I wrote the code for it to stream a different filename, but the Safari Download Plugin doesn't yet support that (and I can't actually store it with the real name, since we don't host the files, they are streamed from a temporary host ( who also provides the music to you).
    2. I'm not an iPhone programmer. I'm a php/java programmer and a web designer. My "Application", is one line of code, which copies the files & shows an image. If someone wants to make a gui they can, it shouldn't take much to beat my app.

    Below "Community Ringtones", there is a button for instructions.

    THere is an 8 second limit for now, unless you donated early on, or pay $5 now. Once my hosting is paid for the 2nd month, I plan to stop collecting money until hosting is nearing expiration.

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    Does this work for 1.14?? ... can't find the app in cydia.

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    so will it always be limited to 8 seconds unless we donate or is this going to me lifted.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dapaintballer331 View Post
    I don't think it does now, but. I can add that when I find where they're stored
    im pretty sure there stored under private frameworks then ui sounds then its sms-message1-6 they must be named that exact name

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    It will be 8 seconds unless you pay, correct. If you play the song on youtube and find a good 8 seconds, it really isn't bad.

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    I updated the original post.

    As for the SMS tones, I heard it is a bad idea to mess with them. Supposedly the durratation is specific, and it's a weird format. I think I will stay away from these.

    I am still open to suggestions though.

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    The duration is supposed to be 12 seconds or less and the file format is .caf

    These can be made on your computer very easily. You just have to ensure that you rename the files to their respective replacement name in the sms sound directory.

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