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Thread: "open" command to launch apps from mobileterminal

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    Default "open" command to launch apps from mobileterminal
    is this cmd available in any of the binkits?
    it would be useful to have if you want to launch an app u dont often use from the terminal...that way u can save the icon spaces for apps with the most traffic.

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    Just run the bin in the app folder.

    Example :

    Cd /Applications/



    Would run calculator.

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    or just: /Applications/

    If you are just wanting to save space then you should try iLauncher. You can configure which apps show up in it. The alternative is Launcher which shows ALL the apps in /Applications.

    If you are more interested in scripts etc. then take a look at Tapps. It lets you define command lines that you just tap. Mostly it is used for scripts but you can use it for anything you would do from the command line. Cheers.

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    iSwap is another similar solution, allowing you to create an alternate homescreen with a completly different set of icons

    only problem is each of those solutions actually does take up an icon =)

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    i had this thought myself, but decided that, most of the apps have things in the folder with them, such as icons and such, and i was afraid that they would crash without those, if, say, we just threw Calculator in the /bin

    but this should work for newer apps, that u dont use often, throw them in /bin instead of /Applications and i dont see why that wouldnt work

    any ideas?

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    I've tried running ./Applications/ But it just crashes, any idea what could be up? On 2.2.1 Firmware (Jailbroken)

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    i think this technique wont work if you type the command in Mobile Terminal, because iPhone wont allow running Multiple Apps.
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