the problem described here by another user happened to me too.
I installed iLog 2.0 through Cydia or Installer, I don't remember. After that I saw that it was only a demo, and I wanted to buy it, so I clicked "buy" and went ahead and wanted to pay with my paypal account. It gave me an error message that the payment could not be completed and that I should contact paypal. I went to my paypal account and wrote a message to paypal to explain the problem. After 1h or something, i received a message from paypal that said "We determined someone may have tried to access your PayPal account without your permission". Now when I go to my paypal account, it says that the account is limited and that I must click some link in order to see how to remove the limitation. However when I click on that link (or for that matter , anything I try to do ) I get a message that says "Sorry your last action could not be completed". I also get this message when I try to contact paypal (Contact Us form -> submit brings this message).
So there is definitely something strange going on with this iLog 2.0