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Thread: [2.0 - Release] iBlacklist - Call/SMS filtering application

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    I have read a few of the posts on here, but I dont use any SMS client other than the original Iphone 3g sms, so here is my problem:

    I want to block only 1 number from calling (I dont care to block any texts), but for some reason random texts get blocked and sent to iblacklist...even from people in my contact list that I text regularly.

    A compounded issue is that my silent switch is broken so if I disable SMS/MMS blocking then it doesnt vibrate (even though autosilent is running), and I need it to vibrate during the day.

    My active list is General BL with the one number I want blocked.

    Any ideas?

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    I have had the same problem as mpur3 (very rarely, and very randomly) where my history will show a text from a permitted contact as blocked. In actuality, I receive the texts in my SMS program (native iPhone app, not third party) so it hasn't caused me to really miss a message thus far.

    I love the program, I add telemarketers to my blacklist and they have been successfully blocked every time. Too bad the app store didn't accept this app, I'd have no need to jailbreak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spektro View Post

    Maybe your e mail ...I´ll look into this, again
    thanks a lot spektro

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    I have the same problem where it blocks an sms that should be permitted.

    I only have one blocked number, but it has so far (1 week) blocked three other numbers too.

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    ***************** READ IF YOU THINK IBLACKLIST IS WRONGLY BLOCKING TEXTS ******************

    Access this menu:

    Message Settings -> Block Text -> General Text

    Make sure it's completely clear. Touch it to bring the keyboard on and remove any blank space in
    there. I'm pretty sure you have at least 2 spaces in there, which makes
    iBlacklist block the messages by it's content, so any message with double
    spaces in it's content will be blocked regardless who sent it to you.

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    Thanks! There were two spaces in there, so removed them and saved. I had already dumped the history, so I couldn't look at the last blocked text to see if it had two spaces in it or not.

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    Exclamation Wildcards gone wild
    Quote Originally Posted by spektro View Post
    This is the wildcard option wich was present on iBlacklist since 1.X firmwares [...] Wildcards at the end of a number ables you to block 1800 calls as an example, but also ables you to block an entire area code calls, country code calls and many more. [...]
    Has anyone tested this against bugs? Because I accidentally found out that the wildcard feature blocks any number that merely contains the wildcard. Whoever is using it should check their history now and use alternate methods until a fix is released.

    I'm using the latest version of iBlacklist. I had a few wildcards set up to block some "area codes". Let's say I had:


    Nicely enough, iBlacklist blocked all the numbers coming from these area codes. And then a few days ago, I opened iBlacklist by mistake and - you know - it brings up the history when it starts. To my surprise, on the first page there was the phone number of a friend which I instantly recognized. So I was like WTH?! and I scrolled down to comb throughout the history. I discovered four local numbers belonging to some friends who were desperately trying to get in touch with me over the past few months. These are the four numbers:



    Needless to explain what's going on here. Spektro - just in case you were bored and had nothing to do these days, you may want to take a look at this issue.

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    There´s no need to laugh out loud.
    What would you expect to happen if you would like to block the 312 area code by adding 312* as a wildcard?
    You would really expect that, when someone from area code 312 calls you, the call is blocked, right?
    So, you also know the caller ID may start with 312, or it also may start with +1312, where +1 is the country code. The later is always true when we talk about messages, where the country code is always inserted on the caller ID.

    Said that, you also need to pay attention that you know in the USA you have the country code as 1, which is only one digit, and the following is the area code, but what about in other countries? Now, with that in mind, what about writing an unique method that works in every single country?

    Yes, that´s what happened. I prefer to make it work for everybody instead of make it "sort of works sometimes" to a few people. Anyway, an improvement on this is being done to limit the search for the 4 first positions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spektro View Post
    There´s no need to laugh out loud.
    The "LOL" acronym has long lost its original meaning. If it's not a straight face, a chuckle is the most one can expect.

    Your choice of area code example (312) is my local area code and I never mentioned it in my post. Which makes this either an unlikely coincidence or just plain CREEPY!!!

    what about writing an unique method that works in every single country?
    For a $24 piece of software, this is not even something to be questioned. And if the feature exists, then it should either work well or not be there at all. The way it is now, it's a drag rather than anything else.

    Keep up the good work and drown us with updates.

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    Please do not update to 3.1-6
    The package has problems. Wait for the 3.1-7 version, which was sent to bigboss and shall be up on Cydia soon.

    The problem above got fixed. Now the wildcard XXX* will be valid only if it was found on the number starting from the first 4 positions.
    Now it also supports the *XXX* wildcard, where the XXX will be searched through the entire caller ID.

    Again, use only the 3.1-7

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    Default persistant issue

    i've got one for you. i have irealsms and iblacklist installed. at some point i stopped receiving notifications that new texts have arrived, despite no setting blocking the notifications. in the irealsms forum, i found someone else who had the same problem. the dev suggested resetting the iblacklist database to solve the problem - and that works(!)

    but if i reset the database i lose my history, which i want to keep. backup the database, then resetting, then restoring the database brings the issue back.

    it has persisted through the past 4 versions of iblacklist. is this something that can be fixed without a database reset?

    in lieu of that, is there an easy way to dump my history to a text file?


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    Of course is something you can fix without a database reset.
    You need to fix your setup!
    You probably have an empty whitelist as active and you switched OFF the Delete Message option in message settings. So, every single message is considered blocked because of the whitelist and they are not deleted.
    iBlackilst does not do nothing that your setup doesn´t say to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eraclito View Post
    hi. i sent an e-mail to the support...
    i have the latest full version of iblacklist
    and bitesms 4.6 final on an Iphone 2g with firmware 3.1.2 installed.
    there is an incompatibility between this two apps at the moment.

    when i set bitesms as native app to manage messages, iblacklist, when i receive a message from contact not in white list (with all settings ok - for example notify sound off), doesn't block incoming message and i can see preview and hear the sound.

    everything goes ok if i remove bitesms as native app.
    also with the last update the problem is there: please spektro, there's something you can do?

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    Default hmm
    I hope you're right spektro. I saw it as an issue with the programs, but maybe it's the settings. Here's my settings.

    - Calls
    - 1 list
    --- General BL 1
    ----- (1 phone #)
    - 1 list
    --- General WL 0
    Active Lists
    - 1 list
    --- General BL p01
    (skipping action setup and call settings)
    Message settings
    - Save history OH
    - Delete message OFF
    - Restricted number ON
    - Address book only OFF
    - Show statusbar icon ON
    - Sound notify OFF
    - Vibrate ON
    - Block Text
    - Digits 0
    - All OFF

    Looks like I do have
    an empty whitelist as active and you switched OFF the Delete Message option in message settings. So, every single message is considered blocked because of the whitelist and they are not deleted.
    That's odd it used to work fine. I didn't notice when it stopped working, but I always had those settings. What can I change it to, so it works as it previously did?

    Last edited by evilhomer21; 2010-04-11 at 11:01 PM.

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    Hi - i am having the same incompatibility issue between BiteSMS and iBlacklist. After installing BiteSMS 4.7, none of my blacklisted numbers are now filtered - they appear as regular sms & calls. Any solution due?

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    How does bitesms, a MESSAGES client will interfere on your CALLS FILTER?
    Obvioulsy you disabled iBlacklist in SBSettings (More - Mobile Substrate Addons) or in RockApp - Manage - Manage Rock Extensions

    Or you changed the default setups like Delete Recent Calls and Delete Message in their respective call and message settings.

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    Did you have a chance to look @my issue Spektro? (the one before deluxe99). You had previously said I need to fix my setup, but I can't find an issue with it. Can you advise?


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    I had a key for my 2G for Iblacklist, now I'm no longer using the 2G nor the 3G and I would like to use the 3GS with Iblacklist, I have installed the new Version 3.1-8.

    The The Register Key is


    my previous e-mail was way back in May 2008

    Please advise if it still works.


    Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 01:58:46 -0300
    Subject: Re: Notification of payment received
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    This is the Activation key: 7b99f8912478
    Thank you for your contribution! Hope you are liking the application,
    and please keep checking for new updates!!!
    iDevBrTeam <>

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    Quiet before the storm
    The 4.0 is interesting and 99% is working correctly now. The messages part didn't change anything, but calls had a little modification. Anyway, everything is being quickly addressed.
    Apple also stopped the statusbar prostitution so let's find another way to crowd it again!
    Here's a preview video.

    [ame=]YouTube - iBlacklist Version 4.0[/ame]

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