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Thread: [2.0 - Release] iBlacklist - Call/SMS filtering application

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    Spektro, which are the files I must backup for my created blacklists? I plan to upgrade to 3.0 and I don't want to add them manually again.

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    Just backup this file: /var/mobile/Library/iBlacklist/iBlacklist.sqlitedb
    Restore it later and set it to be 666 permission.
    Dont forget to respring your device after installing it on 3.0, since Icy fails so big when it doesn't respring your device (like Cydia at least gives the option) when you install mobilesubstrate dependent packages

    And i forgot to say it earlier.


    Attention Registered Users :

    You can now retrieve your activation key straight from our website ( Very handy when you update your device's firmware.
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    I un installed blacklist and I went to reinstall it.... but its gone from Cydia!

    Any idea how I can get it back so I can register it????

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    Hello Sprektro, I just update to 3.0 and install everything from scratch .... I have a weird behaiviour ... even when I'm putting the vibrate to off, the phone s vibrating when getting a SMS. This happen in normal mode and profile mode

    Just to update, it seems only to happen if I don't check "Delete renecnt message" .... It means that the sms still apperas in the standard Texing app .... and I don't want to have the tone or the vibrate .... This was ok in 2.3.5 , but not in 3 ....
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    updated to the new release in cydia.... but now whenever getting a txt message from someone on my blacklist, i STILL get an SMS Tone, even though all alerts are turned off

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    New update available on Cydia (3.0-2)
    Essential for those who runs 3.0 on their devices. Basically, a bug fix package and nothing new on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spektro View Post
    New update available on Cydia (3.0-2)
    Essential for those who runs 3.0 on their devices. Basically, a bug fix package and nothing new on it.
    This new version has a bug on the badge is always with the number "0"
    even after reading a text message or checked the call register ...

    fw 2.2.1 on 2G

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    Oh, damn
    Another lack of pattern from 2.X to 3.0 !!!
    Anyway, i sent the update to bigboss, so 3.0-3 shall be knocking on your door soon.
    It fixes this and another little problem i found, regarding MMS text preview / sound notification. It will bring it back!!!
    Also, for those experiencing irealsms quickreply death with this current 3.0-2, don't worry, 3.0-3 bring it to life again.


    This version and the next 3.0-3 also has full compatibility with bitesms
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    im not sure if this is an issue or if its something that can be fixed, but whenever a text comes in my phone hangs for a few seconds to block the text and then my phone continues to work as usual again. its only annoying when youre texting and someone that is on the blacklist texts everything freezes up before releasing and going back to normal. hope someone else is experiencing this as well and not just me so it can be adressed.

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    Turn OFF the Extras -> Use Badge feature and you shall not face it there, until i find a faster way to put the badge on iBlacklist icon.

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    I have every option turned off there isnt anything on except the black list being populated.

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    im on 2.2.1. and ever since i updated iblacklist through Cydia, it has not filtered anything. I have kept everything the same. Have the SMS and Call filters enabled and made sure the #'s were correct. However, when somebody IM's me from AIM or Yahoo. And I try to block that #. It does absolutely nothing to help.
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    Make sure you are running on Classic Mode AND have your blacklists set as active on Active Lists tab
    Or if you want to use it on Profile Mode, use the Profile manager to create and activate a valid profile.

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    Crap! Looks like this isn't interfacing well with QuickSMS. When using QuickSMS, messages to/from blacklisted contacts appear in the QSMS/Default app. Any ideas Spektro?

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    Hi spektro,
    first of all, thx for this wonderfull app!!

    I have a small problem.
    I have an iPhone 3GS and just JB with Geohotz' purplera1n (went flawless).. So I managed to get Cydia and of course I installed iBlacklist immediatly (since I had it on my iPhone 3G with OS3.0 working flawlessly

    Anyway, as extra information, I've also installed Intelliscreen.
    Everything seems to be working fine, for one small thing...
    I have a contact in my blacklist, the blacklist is active.
    The call settings are: Voicemail.
    I have Save History and Delete Recent Calls on, nothing else.

    Within Intelliscreen, I have totally disabled IntelliAlerts.

    Now, whenever I get a call from a contact on the blacklist (I've been testing it with the phone here at work ), my phone activates (from being locked) and shows for 1 second that the number is calling me, before disconnecting and the screen going black again. When I slide-to-unlock, I see a badge on stating 1 (missed call), when I go into the to Recents tab, there is the 1 on the Recents tab button, but no recent missed phonecalls to be seen... so it is nicely cleaned by iblacklist, but just a tad too late I guess...

    I hope you have enough information to solve this minor glitch?
    I wasn't able to test it with receiving texting, but sending a text message works perfect.

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    @ caelis666

    When your display lights up, do you see for a very brief moment if the callerID shows as Unknown and suddenly changes to the expected caller ID?


    Well, here i go again install quicksms on my device and check it !!!

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    is it just me or is anyone else having problems with people receiving your txt messages?

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    Hello Spektro,
    thanks for your swift answer.

    I do recall having a problem with the phone that indeed, it first showed "Unknown caller" and then the correct number (especially but not exclusively when I was connected through bluetooth with my car-system - Audi A4)

    Strangely enough, I've been retesting this now and there's some strange behaviours. I'll try to list them as clearly as possible:

    1. - phone is on HomeScreen (so unlocked)
    - call from blacklisted number
    - call gets blocked correctly, no number showing up, no badge on, 1 missed call badge on iBlacklist.

    2. - phone is unlocked but on second (or third or...) page of icons.
    - call from blacklisted number
    - call gets blocked correctly, no number showing up, no badge on, 1 missed call badge on iBlacklist
    - HOWEVER, the screen jumps to the first page of icons the moment something (missed call/missed sms) shows up on the badge of iBlacklist app. Not sure if this is intended.

    3. - iphone is locked (so black screen)
    - call from blacklisted number
    - now all of a sudden, the number is correctly blocked, so no number showing up on the lockscreen.
    - HOWEVER, there is 1 missed call badge on, yet opening the to the Recents page shows only the 1 missed call badge, but no number.

    4. - text messages seem to block just fine.

    I hope to be of any use describing these scenarios. It might be something I need to switch on or off, so I will patiently await your answer in this matter

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    I seem to be having a issue with iblacklist and intelliscreen on the 3G-S.

    When iblacklist is enabled, the fold up intelliscreen messages for missed calls and voicemails don't show up. If I disable iblacklist in sbsettings, everything works fine with intelliscreen. Re-enable ibaacklist and the intelliscreen problem returns.

    Here's what interesting though. While the iblacklist was in demo mode, it all worked fine. Since I put in my register code and now its registered the problem started.

    Any idea spektro?

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    @ theguy386

    Actually you are missing an important point. For any iBlacklist action over an sms, it firstly needs to be classified as received or sent by the system. These sms events are triggered by one single source, the modem.
    So everybody that has access to it, knows a message was received or sent. So, if the message was classified as sent, it was already gone from your device to carrier and was acknowledged as well by the carrier. So it's impossible that iBlacklist blocks the message sending, because it just acts after it was already gone.

    @ Caelis666

    Basically all your situations are related to one single guilty, the badge management. Apple has changed this from 2.X to 3.0.


    Since i don't use intelliscreen, i really don't know about this issue. But, i use notifier to place icons and play reminders for missed events and it works for these events you are talking about. I don't see why it wouldn't work for IS. Anyway, if the issue exists, i'll check with Mario. You can contact their support in order to check if this problem was detected.

    Now, a nice new feature for the next update. The MMS will work only for the ones sent/received using the current methods present on 3.X. Not from the swirly ones:

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