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Thread: - Use your iphone like a laptop mouse for PC

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    Default - Use your iphone like a laptop mouse for PC
    This is truely amazing, found this application while browsing Digg and thought I'd have to share this with the community.

    Simply download and install VNC Server (google for RealVNC Free Edition) and add your wanted Port and Password (Make sure encryption is turned off)

    On iPhone add your PC's IP, VNC Server Port and VNC Server Password and viola

    I believe that VNC Server can also be run on Linux and Macs but the software has to be bought

    Personally tested this app myself and works wonders

    Tom Bonez
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    I am using the app right now to type this reply. its cool

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    This is one of the coolest things that I have ever seen in my entire life. For real. No sarcasm. Lol its awesome. No wireless mouse? NO PROBLEM!
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    Expect more when I find something guide-worthy.
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    yah. definitely cool

    also... typing wirelessly from my iphone is strangely satisfying.

    if you're on a mac, this is very easy to get up and going. after installing the iphone app, just go to system preferences (on the mac), then "sharing," then turn on "screen sharing." you can also enable a password by clicking on "computer settings."
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I have never used VNC, would anybody be able be able to give me some tips on how to get this setup on Vista? It would be very much appreciated!

    ah, just kidding... of course i figure it out right after i post that!
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    what exactly are you supposed to enter into the phone?

    woah nvm : ) i figured it out.
    stupid windows was blocking it.
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    very cool app

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    lol, believe it or not this app came very handy a couple of days ago. ive have it for a while now and about 4 days i go i broke my keyboard and was left with out a keyboard with no time to drive to frys to buy a new one. so i open vnc on my iphone and since my mouse still worked i used the mouse and when ever i need to type something i used the iphone. it was very helpful and i was able to use it w/o much trouble for about a day and a half.

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    this is serioulsy one od the best apps developed so far. im using it to type this. the only thing that would make thos app perfect would be integrating two finger scrolling (like on the macbook)

    thank you thank ypu for this!!!

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    this program is awesome! i think you should add stuff specific to mac track pads such as 2 finger drag to scroll or 2 finger tap to right click.

    8g iPhone, 2 GHz Core Duo (black) MacBook w/ 2gigs of ram..

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    still can't get it to work on vista

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    i cant get it to wont connect to server i tried everything...idk what im doing wrong... please help

    Quote Originally Posted by GodzillaAteMyiPhone View Post
    still can't get it to work on vista
    me on vista also
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    This is freakin amazing, works great for me.

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    anyone think there will be a way to get it working with ps3? maybe over bluetooth?

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    Superlicious find my fine gent.

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    Default ridiculous
    **Stupid sleep deprived rambling**
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    Can someone quick show me how to setup VNC and setup the stuff for the iPhone app?

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    ~Will Dietz
    He removed his comment, thus I can negate mine .
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    How was this plagarized (which you're implying), if he didnt use your code. He used VNC which you said was an overhead.....
    Edit: I took a look at your googlecode page, it seems like you started your project two days ago, is that true?
    It just seems someone beat you to the job, and you're upset...
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    can someone eplain how to set this up please, what is the session name, also on the port do i just put in 5900? thanks all

    nevermind I figured it out LOL

    Thanks great app
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