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Thread: - Use your iphone like a laptop mouse for PC

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    So you mean i can connect to my work computer through the att edge??

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdlexpd View Post
    So you mean i can connect to my work computer through the att edge??
    Not necessarily. Assuming you work at a corporation, you are more than likely behind a firewall. You will have to be on the corporate network (either internally or through VPN) to be able to VNC your work computer.

    If that doesn't apply to you, then yes, you theoretically can connect to EDGE (I know cause I tried before), but the connection will drop as EDGE doesn't have enough bandwidth for VNC.

    It is essentially pointless to VNC through EDGE.

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    Oh ic , thanks for clarifying that for me .Im just gonna try when i get home .. Appreciate your help

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    this app is truly awesome

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    how do u drag using the touchpad? i can type, click right click and everything but do not know how to drag for example moving an icon from A to B....? Cheers

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    I'm so frustrated with this. I set it up and it worked fine on both my Mac Pro and the mac mini which I use for home media server. Now something has changed and I can't figure it out. I connect to my Mac Pro and I just see Touchpad Pro still on the Servers page (it doesn't switch to the touchpad) and I can see it's connected to the computer --- but the iPhone screen won't appear. I see the spinning circle (like it's working on it) in my top taskbar but nothing changes. It is still working on the Mac Mini just fine. I changed the password, turned things on and off, rebooted everything multiple times. What can I try??

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    how do i keep windows firewall enabled and still use Touchpad?

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    go to settings and add an exception for your iphone's ip address on your wifi. Also allow all ports for the iPhone's ip address. hit thanks if that works please.

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    This is like, no joke, the most awesome app ever!
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    Not sure about other distros but I confirmed that this works in Ubuntu Linux using the default remote desktop server vino.

    Basically just go into System > Preferences > Remote Desktop and check the first two boxes to activate the service (Allow other users to view your desktop & Allow other users to control your desktop). Then check the box to set a password and enter a password.

    Then setup the touchpad app with the IP of your pc and make sure you don't enter any port number cuz vino defaults to zero as the port.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swpelchat View Post
    some people put 5900 but for some its 5901.
    ok heres the deal dude go into your iphone touchpad app and enter your computers name in the name field and nothing else.
    then put your ip address and port number (instead of 5900 put 5901). then go into vnc on your computer and make sure the port reads 5901.
    select a password hit apply and hit ok. now go back to touchpad on your iphone and make sure you typed your password in. if this helps hit thanx please. if not let me know cause i had the same prolem
    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! i got it to work. thanks a lot

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    Coolest app ever. Great job. Has anyone found out how to drag screens?
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    Drag the screen using two fingers together.

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    Does the IP change randomly every now and then?
    Cause my TouchPad pro suddenly didn't work and I looked into everything almost going insane until I checked the IP of my computer and realized the IP had changed. Got it to work again then.
    Is this common?

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    this is one of the best apps..a couple of teething problems..but worth the effort..

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