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Thread: Question about Bosstool

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    Default Question about Bosstool
    Hereīs what happened to me:
    I was on otb 1.1.2, moved everything with Bosstool and it all worked fine.
    Then I did the "Dev team official 1.1.3 upgrade. Re-installed all the apps I had before, also Bosstool, ran it. It moved everything, but Re-installed apps that were installed when I bought it. i.e. installed at the shop. (QQ, Wetool and stuff I didnīt want!) Also, sms,phone (contacts, keypad, etc) and a lot of apps wouldnīt work. Just crashed. I have now restored in iTunes (had to get rid of those pesky apps anyway which btw couldnīt be found in Uninstall), ran the Ziphone 2.4, Mac and all is well.
    Does anyone have a clue why it would install these old apps and also crash like that???
    Is this going to happen if I run Bosstool now on restored and unlocked 1.1.3?

    Thanks, Maju

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    Default Do not delete my post modders...
    I had a bad experience also with bosstool, I upgraded using the devteam method, and moving fonts worked, and moving ringtones also, but the applications relocation did not work, it just copied some apps to a new folder, did not create symbolic link, and made some of the native apps incompatible, i.e. calculator and stocks... I don't know if it got fixed since(three weeks ago), but i wouldn't reccomended for 1.1.3...

    Please do not delete my Post mods, just my 2 cents, thank you.

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    I used BossTool with ZiPhone, and all I would do is Fonts. Because that frees up the first partition which dosent have too much space, and lets your apps and stuff alone, so you shouldnt have any problems then...

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