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Thread: NetChess Technology Demo

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    Default NetChess Technology Demo
    NetChess is a networked, multiplayer Chess game. This is an early release to stress test the server.



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    oh rllly hows the performance over edge?

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    Screenshots? Would you like us to host this on our Community Installer Source?

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    Performance over Edge is as good (or bad) as your connection. Testing Edge connectivity is one of the goals for this release. We do have some tech to compensate for lag and disconnect / reconnects.

    Screenshots will be coming early next week once we finish our big art update.

    Adding NetChess to the Community Installer Source will be very helpful once we hit our official beta. I wouldn't bother just yet though.

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    I was going to send my iPhone away just for the reason that I can't play chess online anymore,with my WM Imate I could just log on my account at and had few live online chess.Unfortunatly my iPhone doesn't support MIDP so I am deprived from that now.

    Sent from my iPhone!!

    I have it and insalled on my installer,but it stays there with the Knight screen trying forever to connect..(connecting...)
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    Murphy's law struck and we lost our firewall / router on Friday, just before the long weekend.

    We've set up the server in the datacenter. Please update via Installer and give it another shot.

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    Default NetChess r84
    Time for a new release of NetChess.

    We've updated some of the endgame logic, cleaned up some interface nits and made the bots a touch easier. Additionally, we've added some tech to speed up performance over EDGE connections.

    Let us know what you think.



    Endgame and Time Expired fixes.

    Thanks to Leco and Player for their bug reports.
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    Exclamation NetChess is NOT compatible with 1.1.4
    The way NetChess uniquely identifies users is incompatible with Firmware 1.1.4. We are looking for a work around, and will post a message when we have found a solution.

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    its better now,needs grafic design though.
    i played couple of games with supposedly human names ,very nice,but i had the feeling that i was playing against an engine not a live person,because i dont know anyone with a rating of 1200 plays that well!!!.

    I will reinstall it and have couple of more games.
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    Default Graphics & Bots
    Thanks for the feedback.

    The graphics are definitely past due for updating. If you take a hard look you can see the art was actually drawn in marker and scanned in. (Programmer art at its finest)

    As far as your opponents being bots, choose "Find Opponent". The names with a Computer Screen next to them are indeed bots. There will always be a couple available in case there are no other people online. We will look into making this a little more obvious in the next server push.
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    works great n 1.1.3 however I can't get to save my user name and I hate seeing New Player as my name :@

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    Default NetChess r87
    There is a new release of NetChess.

    Pawn Promotion fix - Many Thanks to everyone who submitted a "Broken Move" bug and apologies for the trouble.
    Settings->Name fix - Zen_Azazel, give a shout if you still have problems changing your name.
    Possible Firmware 1.1.4 fix - This needs to be tested. If you have a 1.1.4 device and you have problems logging in or playing a game, please let us know.
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    Default NetChess r91
    Time for a new release.

    Better name handling on the client and server. A basic profanity filter has been added. Please try and beat it by changing your username to the most offensive thing you can think of

    Due to backend changes, you must upgrade via Installer to login to the server.

    As always, any and all feedback is appreciated.

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    Default NetChess r94
    Thanks to everyone who filed a bug report.

    - Game over Movement bug fix
    - Dropped Connect fix
    - Graphics updates
    - Profanity Filter updates
    - Server updates

    Let us know what you think of the new look.

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    First of all congratulations for the new and very nice graphics,but the old problem of changing the square colours is back.and it also might need a clock running for each player,as sometimes it will tell you lost on time according to what?!!.

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    Default NetChess r99
    Thanks to Babikian, Zach and (*@%$!) for their bug reports.

    - Simplified "Find Opponent" (Double click to challenge an opponent)
    - Rotate Board Image (Again)
    - Profanity Filter Updates
    - Added Help
    - Sound code fix (Progress, but not quite there Zach)

    Babikian - There is a chess clock for both you and your opponent. They are displayed as the slowly shrinking bars above and below the board. When your bar completely disappears, you will lose the game.

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    Default NetChess r108
    Thanks to everyone who filed a bug report.

    The big news with this release is proper 1.1.4 support. (Finally!)
    In the match maker, you will see your record versus others if you have played them before.
    Audio has been temporarily removed until we can solve a bug causing sounds to be muffled after leaving the app. (Still working on it Zach & Douglas)
    Challenge room fixes.
    You can now turn off square highlighting.

    Unfortunately some changes required a server reset, so remember to re-enter your name in the settings screen.

    Over 700 games were played yesterday, which is our best day so far.

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    Default NetChess r116
    - Better Sleep / Awake handling
    - Art refinements
    - Protocol Optimizations
    - Timeline will turn red when your time is almost up

    Remaining Bugs:
    - Audio is still disabled since it leaves the device sounding muffled on exit
    - Drawing after being awoken is somewhat off

    I can be found online as username gecko or owl @ 6PM & 9PM. I accept all challenges

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    great stuff! I really like this app. but sometimes when i want to play it takes forever to connect

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    Default Connection Issues
    We've definitely seen some issues with Edge. It seems that setting up the initial connection can take ages if you don't have a strong signal.

    There can also be issues when switching your GPRS connection from one cell to the next. (For instance if you play during your morning commute)

    Edge networking is definitely tricky, although it seems to have gotten better with the newer firmware.

    The next release is focused on protocol cleanup, optimizing network performance and fixes and work-arounds for GPRS / Edge issues.

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