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Thread: NetChess Technology Demo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eamonn View Post
    Thanks to everyone who filed a bug report.

    - Game over Movement bug fix
    - Dropped Connect fix
    - Graphics updates
    - Profanity Filter updates
    - Server updates

    Let us know what you think of the new look.
    It's strange (or coincidental?) that the initials for profanity filter are pf...


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    I hope you know that you are playing against a bot a not a real person. I used my wifi to play this, I unplugged my router and what do you know? The guy still makes a move, and no I was not using edge. Is it a coincidence that only 3 people are on every time for a challenge and the first move is always the horse?

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    Impressive stuff. Does it need a central server? I suppose this is a must for a lobby type thing. I guess in order to remove a server you'd have to type an opponents IP directly into the device which is a bit prohibitive. Great start nonetheless.

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    Cheezeburgar (and others),

    There will always be a couple bots available in the Match Maker so you can play a game if no other human players are available.

    Bots are marked with a computer screen icon (Looks like a blue box) next to their names. In the next server push we are looking at making bot players more obvious. (You're not the first person to raise this concern) Note that the check icon indicates a person who is looking for an instant match, not a bot.

    Once we go live and have a sizable audience we will be able to turn off the bot players. For testing purposes and while we have a limited number of human players using the app, we either throw up a couple bots or have people waiting in the challenge room unable to play until another person logs in.

    I try to log in around 6PM EST daily for a few games (username owl or gecko).

    PS - Not sure what happened with your game, but NetChess requires an internet connection. If it gets disconnected from wifi, it should pop up a "Connecting..." dialog and attempt to establish an edge connection.

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    Default Many Thanks!
    Thanks to everyone who downloaded the tech demo, played with us online and submitted bug reports! We appreciate your help and input during these past few weeks.

    Unfortunately, due to contractual obligations, we are unable to continue our public test at this time.

    We look forward to working out the legal issues and releasing a public beta soon.

    Thanks again, we'll be in touch!
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    nooooo, I really enjoyed this app while takig the bus evreymorning to work Well it was good while it lasted. Thank you very much and let's hope everything works out.

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