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Thread: Pysl: SMS filtering app

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    Default Pysl: SMS filtering app
    Any one get working this app on 1.1.3?
    Last release 0.20

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    It seems like nobody is working on this. I would really like to be able to use this app. $45 is just to much for caterpillar to get the privacy feature. But I am getting closer to buy the unlimited version every day.
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    Guys, any help ? I uninstalled it by deleting the .app folder and now it is stuck at the apple logo screen >< I'm so sad right now... I dont know how to fix it,.

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    Try ziphone and do the advanced features and click the normal mode button. See if that will work.

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    Did you try pressing the home & power at the same time...

  6. #6 warn you I don't think it wll work but it is the official answer.

    ok…been working with this app for a while…tried on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. I understood from the start that the SMS was the only thing supposed to work. My question is….Is this supposed to be a blocker only and not the secrecy app it’s advertised to be? This program only blocks OUTGOING SMS! Why would I need that? Is that what it’s supposed to do? Why would I be concerned about keeping my replys secret and not the incomming stuff? Notifier never works…vibrate does. Am I missing the purpose of this app?
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    Just installed last night and was exstatic to see/read about it, but like everyone is saying (above posts) I dont know what to do I set a few #'s to the blacklist (which im guessing is suppose to hide the messages) but they are still visible and still in the stock sms app??? What gives? I was waiting for the board or the app developer to come on here and speak on it but it hasnt happened yet.

    I was also thinkin maybe u had to pay (cuz I had a lil donate screen pop up sayin I opened it 10x....donate...) but anyway Ill be frequently checking back and updatin u guys if I find anything new about it.
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    Meh -- it's fixed on mine now. Had to basically re-install the app using winSCP and then uninstall it using Installer (since I got it off the iClarified repository).

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    It basically blocked out all the outgoing SMS text msgs ... worked great for the first three times then stopped working. Uninstalled it then went through that locking up thing.
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    ive been getting some random resets now, and im thinking its due to this program. any body else having these problems.?

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    ^ You're probably right because after I finally got it working today my phone just would reset out of the blue, then it began doing it more frequently thru out the day.
    So I waited til I got home to uninstall it (didnt wanna have to be at work all day w/out my phone) then I got the same lockup "spinning wheel" thing but a reset set it str8. I was $#ITTING BRICKS for a minute though lol.

    I think its still a good app though when all the bugs get worked out. But I wish it would hide the INCOMING & OUTGOING.
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    this app is working fine for me and yes PSYL 0.3.1 version is out and 0.20 is too buggy.
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    Update...The developer answered my questions with..."are your contacts sending from the same number they receive?" ARE YOU SERIOUS!

    Ome thing that I have noticed nobody addressing is the fact that the 2 install sources are different file sizes. The developer says that they have different install methods. ???????
    What is that supposed to mean? one source installs differently than another for the same app in the same installer?

    If anybody got this thing to work please list the installer source you used...

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    I used the iclarified source and mine was working it WAS the newer version 0.3.1 as the above post menioned but unlucky for me I still had all the same problems/bugs I mentioned above. If they were corrected I would still try it again because it is a great app!
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    I agree the program is still too buggy,also it doesn't work period. I entered a phone number and tried to block it,when calling the app still allowed the call to come through. I also get a randon reboot every now and then but didn't uninstall the app for the fear of getting the spinning wheel as posted earlier. I'll just wait for an update on this one,until then i'll leave it as is,unless the reboots get out of hand....By the way been using the 0.3.1 version,,,,iphone 1.1.2 JB, 8G.

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    Downloaded new 0.32 version which has capability of preventing blacklist sms balloons from popping up. Also hides incoming and outgoing SMS in sms history but still some bugs. It will display message if you have original SMS open. Scheduler, whitelist and call history still not working. Can the developer tell me the purpose of the whitelist? App has good potential but still not in full working order and still too buggy.

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    What exactly does this app do? Someone posted earlier about blocking calls?

    I installed it the other day, but never used it. The menu kind of confused me.

    There was no help menu or any kind of guide. It was quite jumbled.

    I'm not dumb or anything, I just didn't want to mess with anything that might prevent me from getting messages. I'm a texter, need my text.

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    another alernative to Pysl is iBlacklist. Google it for more info!

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    pysl works fantastic for me...

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    it does what it do . But takes all the sound from sms ,meaning no sms tone after text.

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    it would be nice if incoming sms messages from a contact would play a custom alert attached to that contact, so you could have different alerts from different people

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